Thomas Horn exposes their hidden agenda in Apollyon Most incredibly, one learns how ancient prophets foresaw and forewarned of this time over 2, . The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Apollyon Rising The Lost Symbol Found and the Final Mystery of the Great Seal Revealed by Thomas. Apollyon Rising has ratings and 11 reviews. Ted said: Yikes! Good read, understandable conclusions. Interesting if you’re on the subject. The wh.

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In the occult world, the Illuminists are all expecting the return of their chosen son of Satan and making preparations to welcome him back!

After reading what he had to say on Bush and the war, I realized that Horn is one of those people who shoehorns brief biblical verses any which way that he wants to make it seem like scripture is supporting what he says.

I think Horn might even be correct here about who the Antichrist will claim to be. Ryan Anthenat rated it liked it Jul 26, Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

I must say, this book is definately one of the better books that I have read lately. No trivia or quizzes yet. Comment by Gewinnen May 16, Like I said, cherry picking is the universal truth of all date setting schemes.

Michelle Adams rated it it was amazing Jul 19, And their calendar only states that the end of the ageonly starts another and never claimed it was the end of the world only the end of one Katun and another would start. In addition to most of what Dr. It is an ancient, magical, talismanic diagram—the Lost Symbol—which waits its final use by the hidden, occult hand guiding the Secret Destiny of America toward the year That is why Jesus mentioned the Book of Enoch so you could be informed of the deception.


Pinto was very good.

Apollyon Rising : Thomas Horn :

I am sure most of these elite Freemasons thought that their occultism would bring in the new age or new world order in their own time. Puppet on a String! Well, that is why riising flood came…to rid the earth of the giants Nephlim the children of fallen angels who mingled with the daughters of earth.

This site uses cookies. If you are just starting to research things of this nature, this may or may not be the best first book to pick up. Modern infrastructure without security is the top threat to America. He seems to think that Satan is in control of the timing of the Antichrist.

Apollyon Rising – Prophecy in the News

The words, deeds, gestures riisng coded language of the worlds most powerful men were clearly pointing to an ancient, prophetic, cryptic and even terrifying reality. These lights were seen from Nevada to Tucson. But now things were making sense to Thomas world affairs, changes to U.

Horn dissects recent and current world events relating to U. For example, the book conveys the idea that pagan humans can bind and loose demons who the book risng are the spirits of 72 rebellious angels.


However, this preface by Pinto does seem to document the case that many of our forefathers and the founding of this country were heavily influenced by Freemasonry. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. So are we now going to find the truth that God choose not to explain to the Church in these fringe speculations?

It is not logical that Freemasons living hundreds of years ago would be setting up the sorcery to bring up the gods for apllyon living hundreds of years in the future.

Apollyon Rising 2012: The Lost Symbol Found And The Final Mystery Of The Great Seal Revealed

Daniel Singh rated it it was ok Mar 13, Take a chill pill, the world will not end in in spite of Pagan Mayan, Mahdi, Planet X speculations. The whole premise is getting harder and harder to deny. So some might even call these beings aliens or unidentified flying objects. The bottom line that I want to convey is that I think quite a bit of Apollyon Rising is Horn hornswoggling those that are looking for an immediate Antichrist.