AER 190-1 PDF

AE Regulation /CNE-CNA-C6F Instruction X/USAFE Instruction , Driver and. Vehicle Requirements and the Installation. Army in Europe Regulation – IMCOM-Europe – U.S. Read more about army , europe, regulation and Wiesbaden, Germany – AER There has been a revision to AER , Driver and Vehicle Requirements and the Installation Traffic Code for the US.

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Move next to the center line, watch traffic to the rear, and give a directional signal.

How a DUI forever changed a local Soldier’s career –

Indicates areas where vehicles may be parked and public asr is available. Indicates the number of the German Federal highway on which it appears. When this sign is posted, drivers must use alternate routes. Parking is prohibited at which of the following? Those caught driving with a BAC of 0. What must the driver of vehicle 1 do?

Indicates the end of the minimum speed requirement shown on the sign see sign The driver may proceed as long as the police officer continues to wave traffic through. German Police Signals Go 5. When there is more than ear track. Slow down and stop if necessary to allow the pedestrian to cross.


Army Europe license will be confiscated immediately. This sign is used with sign What is the minimum distance to park cars from marked or unmarked junctions 109-1 pedestrian crosswalks? The illustration shows a signal that indicates the driver may proceed in which direction?

Which vehicles have to stop? What does the driver of vehicle 2 have to do? Indicates that an autobahn hotel is ahead. Indicates area reserved for taxis. Condition of the highway and driving speed. Only vehicles with emission stickers on the sign may enter the area. How long may a driver remain in the passing lane while traveling at a high rate of speed? Distance to Guarded Railroad Crossing.

Drivers Handbook and Examination Manual for Germany

Painted over a crosswalk. Prohibits trucks that exceed the 3.

Shows the direction to the nearest autobahn entrance and the name of the nearest city at which point the autobahn ends. Fast driving often leads to accidents in which aef the following situations? Except where road or traffic conditions make drivers drive more slowly.

Army in Europe Pamphlet

When another vehicle suddenly backs into the street from a narrow driveway. Posted where the restrictions required by sign end.

Posted 1901 areas where school guards direct traffic to allow children to cross the street.


The driver of vehicle 1 wants to turn left. Drivers must pass the obstacle on the side indicated by the arrow. Indicates that traffic on this road has the right-of-way only at the next intersection.

The driver of the motor vehicle.

Indicates by the striped area a decrease or increase in the number of lanes. Posted meters before a guarded railroad crossing. End of Traffic-Controlled Residential Area. Posted at railroad crossings. Open containers are no longer allowed on the military installation.

This sign warns of an upcoming traffic jam Stau. This pamphlet implements Air Force Policy Directive Outside city limits, the minimum distance for parking cars from a warning cross indicating a railroad crossing is 50 meters feet.

Drivers may not increase their speed while being passed. What is the minimum speed a vehicle must be able to maintain on the autobahn? Vehicles are considered unsafe if the tires have less than 1.