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Home arrow Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC arrow AR 64 U.S. Army Explosives Safety Program. Reference URL. and Ammunition Components AR Malfunctions Involving Ammunition and Explosives AR Military Explosives TM Regulations. Used Washington DC: Dept of Army, March Soft Cover. 2 pages, Good. Item #

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Legal investigators may consult with safety personnel for their expertise when necessaryexcept when investigating the 835-65 accident.

Army safety and occupational health program structure a. Check your email and click on the link to start receiving your job alerts.

Army military treatment facility MTF commanders will support accident investigations as required by accidentinvestigation board presidents or unit investigators. Death or injury resulting solely from the use of alcohol, illegal drugs, or other substances.

DA PAM –65 – AKO US Army

Accountability for Army accidents a. Commanders of deploying units. We won’t send you spam or sell your email address.

Army Material Systems Analysis Activity, and soforth document the status of 385-655 equipment and facility prior to the decision to operate. Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management.

Occupational illness to Army military or DA Civilian personnel. Explosive Safety Tech Data Packages. Please contact the Tactical Safety Network via e-mail with your questions and comments regarding explosive safety.

DA PAM 385–65

The PEO willconduct preoperational surveys and operational readiness reviews prior to the test and operation of new facilities orequipment, in support of major changes, and when changing campaigns for example, reconfiguring equipment andfacilities to process different munitions or agent.


As aminimum, the strategic plan should encompass goals and objectives for 5 years, with a section that specificallyaddresses the focus of each year.

Paragraphs 3—28b, 3—29b, and 3—30g 3 by the commander or senior leader of the the group as a committee. Army Headquarters approving authority. Managers, supervisors, military personnel, andcivilian workers aar accountable for preventing accidents and workplace illness, but the ultimate safety of human andmaterial resources is a command responsibility.

However, prior to release, especially in cases where the product is derived fromaggregate data; 385-5 animations must be reviewed for sensitive national security content. ReferencesRequired and related publications and prescribed and referenced forms are 385-665 in appendix A. The following restrictions are imposed on the handling of both limited use and general use safetyaccident investigation reports: Damage to Armyaircraft, vehicles, or any other property which occurs after an aircraft or vehicle has been stolen is not reportable 385-5 anaccident.

The five core functions for the Army Safety Manage-ment System are: Suicide or attempted suicide, homicide, or intentionally self-inflicted injuries.

Explosive Safety

These are injuries unrelated to accident producing agents or environments normally associatedwith zr participation in daily work or recreation. Ammunition Operations in the Balkans.

PurposeThis regulation prescribes Department of the Army DA policy, responsibilities, and procedures to safeguard andpreserve Army resources worldwide to include Soldiers, DA Civilians, and Army property against accidental loss.

To aid the DASA ESOH in developing strategic policy and theODASAF in developing and implementing policy and programs, the following councils will be chartered according toAR 15—1 to provide technical advice, participate in program development, and maintain various portions of thisregulation and supporting DA pamphlets. MATDEVs; acquisi-tion managers; and equipment, process, and facility designers will— 1 Initiate and tailor a System Safety Program according to this regulation, DA Pam —16, and MIL—STD—Efor all Army materiel, systems, software, equipment, facilities, and processes such as, but not limited to, in-housedevelopment, commercial off-the-shelf COTSnondevelopmental item NDIGovernment furnished equipment GFEand so forth regardless of the acquisition process utilized for example, evolutionary, spiral development, andso forth.


These are reports prepared to record data concerning allrecordable DA accidents not covered by limited use safety accident investigation reports.

Explosive Safety Resources

Dairy Clerk Sprouts Farmers Market. The following are responsible for appointing accident investigation boards as required by this regulation: Accident investigation board appointing authority a.

Types of safety accident investigation boardsTwo types of boards may be convened-either CAI or installation-level accident investigation. It is termed a combatloss when one or more of the following conditions exist: If another DODagency administers the contract and the mishap involves reportable damage or injury to the Army, the ArmyHeadquarters that owned the resources will request that the contracting agency investigate 3385-65 report.

This regulation implements eral regulation under Article 92Uniform Suggested improvements.

The council gives selected Army Headquarters a voice informulating Army explosives safety policy.