Aristotle and an Aardvark Go to Washington has ratings and reviews. Scott said: I read this book in , and it probably has more meaning today. By the New York Times bestselling authors of Planto and a Platypus Walk Into a Bar Aristotle and an Aardvark Go To Washington Understanding Political. Den här utgåvan av Aristotle and an Aardvark Go to Washington är slutsåld. Kom in och se andra utgåvor eller andra böcker av samma författare.

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Aristotle and an Aardvark Go to Washington

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Dan has written jokes for various comedians, including Flip Wilson and Lily Tomlin. It’s good to bear in mind, though, that it is the structure of debate itself that it mainly address.

aardark This book is kind of Readers Digesty, with short vignettes on how politicos, their defenders and camp followers “perpetuate their tricks. Zristotle really wasn’t feeling the bias. Essentially, it takes all of the famous cleverly or otherwise worded statements that we have heard in politics over the past few years and pins a philosophical debate moniker on each of them. This book handily deconstructs the flimflammery that passes for politics, and how illogical most of it is.

It explores the various logical fallacies that are present in the political dialog. I enjoy listening to audio books on my trips back and forth to David City to visit Mom and Dad, and like to choose things that are interesting, yet not so gripping I forget ans pay attention to my driving!

BookLoons Reviews – Aristotle and an Aardvark Go to Washington by Thomas Cathcart

While quite amusing, this book contains some serious information and pits our politicians circa mid’s and arixtotle bullfunky against the rhetorical fallacies outlined by Aristotle.

It confirms why I don’t watch or listen to much news- there’s only a shred of truth hidden within acres of BS. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. More egregious, is the instance they cite of a valid albeit unintentionally valid argument clearly isn’t.


Politicians are feeding us. This wazhington on logic, or rather, illogic in politics. Refresh and try again. Kind of defeated the whole point of the book. The glossary lists selected bios of political “bullshitters,” as if non-politicos do not engage in spin, selectivity, and silence, and are less than truthful, in their daily relationships See,”The Truth About Lying.

G guys are apparently pretty knowledgeable of logic, philosophy, and debate, but I didn’t like how they completely bashed republicans, and only mildly chastised a few left-wingers. Dan lives in the Berkshires with his wife. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Aug 01, Erin Reilly-Sanders added it Shelves: Politics is the Shangri-La of comedy. It would be their choice. Good book w useful examples about framing an arguement Enjoyable little book that shows how arguements can be framed to support almost any point of view and how to aaristotle the false premise. It does a great job of explaining some of the great fallacies of our time with famous quotes that are very familiar.

Like Clinton’s “Depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is,” and Bush’s “If you are not gl us, you are with the terrorists,” and so on, ad infinitum.

The jokes that worked best in Plato and a Platypus were those that illustrated fallacies. Delighful and whimsicle look at life.

This book is a great read for people who love political humor, such as I. Thomas Cathcart and Daniel Klein, authors of the national bestseller Plato and a Platypus Walk Into a Bar, aren’t falling for any election year claptrap — and they don’t want their aardvagk to either!

Aristotle and an Aardvark is for anyone who ever felt like the politicos and pundits were speaking Greek. It’s easy to see why he is such a popular narrator. Dubya fans take note, this was written during the depths of the very contentiously debated and still controversial Iraq War and the authors do not shy away from it.

Aug 26, Nancy Spagnolo rated it it was amazing. Harry Aaddvark Years by Anx. I had really hoped that it would be more balanced instead of just a soap box for the authors’ personal beliefs. Maybe it’s just not my humor.


They demonstrate examples of Ignoratio Elenchi “ignorance of the issue” or better known as “changing the subject”a favorite tactic of former secretary of defense Donald Rumsfield; Fallacy of False Dilemma: This book, unlike its predecessor Plato and a Platypus which was greatwaxhington far too one-sided to be of any use to me.

The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence. Overall, it was a great way to pass the 1, or so miles I logged in my car the last week. A nyone paying attention to American politics has had plenty of opportunities to listen to the politicians delivering speeches, giving press conferences, participating in debates, and offering up their opinions and comments on television programs. So I end up terrorizing friends, family and colleagues by cornering them with comics and political cartoons from people who can.

Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Aristotle and an Aardvark Go to Washington: This should be no surprise. Moreso than with the audio edition of Plato and a Platypus Wazhington into a ArjstotleI found this recording easier washinbton follow. Jul 25, Jimm Wetherbee rated it liked it. See all 5 brand new listings. It would be the mother’s choice to kill that baby. When they criticized right-wingers for giving John Kerry a hard time about his aardvadk “stuck in Iraq” quote I’d had about enough.

Washinbton problem is, that the book relies on pointing out sort of ridiculous quotes from politicians and pundits for the humor more than relying on ac I really enjoyed Plato and a Platypus Walk Into a Barso when I stumbled on this at a bookstore the other day, it was a no brainer.

Tom lives on Cape Cod with his wife. I did feel like the focus on the Bush administration is getting overdone. Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar But what if they do touch it?