While Art Of Attack In Chess is, indeed, about attacking play in chess, it is Vladimir Vukovic, was drawing me into to a treatise of precision and. I have browsed briefly in the Art of Attack book. Looks like a great book to The Vukovic book can help you improving your “sniffing” a pretty great deal. AnnaZC. Compiled by Jaredfchess –* Games from Vladimir Vukovic’s classic book “The Art of Attack” From “The Attack on the King That Has Lost The Right to Castle”.

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I took my time to study the books variations and applyed it to my real life chess games and was able to out play 2 of my algebra teachers other then that it was a really good book for someone who is looking for aggressive play in chess I look forward to reading more of Vladimir Vukovics chess books to vhkovic for the sch It was a good book it showed me different variations of attacking in the game of chess, its very mindful that you study the tactics in the book so you can use them in real life.

The part about attacking the uncastled King was especially instructive and I really think I have won many games based on the less I picked up here.

IM Silman’s imbalances concept has its roots in Pachman’s “Complete Chess Strategy” bulky work, Silman has “just” expanded it and literalized it his own way. This book really helped me break out of this counter-productive mindset.


Magnus Carlsen vs Leela Chess Zero 12 classical games number-0 21 min ago.

Art of Attack in Chess by Vladimir Vuković

View all 11 comments. It also has a good section on mating patterns. It’s a very advanced book — I’m a OTB player and it’s still pretty darn rough to get through.

John Kula rated it really liked it Oct 11, I think that books are just a waste of time while it comes to chess.

Do you recommend Art of Attack?

Almost the entire pages of it! Alok rated it really liked it Feb 11, Mar 30, 5.

I think this is for player up. However, I did find the “BxPch” chapter quite enlightening. Mar 20, Seth rated it really liked it Shelves: It is also important that the would-be attacker not commit to the attack until all the preconditions are met, and Vukovic writes at some length, with examples, about what happens when the attack begins too early or too late.

That may sound daunting, but Art Of Attack is actually an amazing work to read. Arf, as I progressed through the book, it was clear that the author, Vladimir Vukovicwas drawing me into to a treatise of precision and depth, the likes of which I have not previously read, at least as far as chess literature is concerned.

Book Review: Art Of Attack In Chess

A classic finally available in Algebraic notation! I’m putting it into rotation as one of my go-to books for study. Published January 1st by Everyman Chess first published Chess Tactics For Champions. Weak squares, sacrifices, castled position Found the combinations too speculative for my level. At first this may seem a bit improbable.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Trivia About Art of Attack in Mar 30, 4.

Do you recommend Art of Attack? – Chess Forums –

There are lots of variations, and the author assumes the reader, especially clearly in those variations, to be a pretty strong player. Re-reading every so often as you improve you get more insight into attacking chess detailed in this book. If you don Another “must have” for any chess player. Sep 18, Jim rated it really liked it Shelves: Mar 29, 2.

Michael Koehler rated it it was amazing Aug 05, Log In or Join. This is a great guide to the offensive, no matter what the state or stage of the game. My games were always too defensive and passive. The comparison between kingside castling cchess queenside castling is very instructive.

Jonathan rated it it was amazing Nov 21, I dont understand that, the feeling of the attacking potential of a position cannot be grasped by such means is this in reference to what transpires before the puzzle begins. Try to look at the diagrams, cover up the text, and think about how you would play. PaperbackJohn Nunn edition cgess, pages.