Aristotle, , Nicomachean Ethics, Books VIII and IX, M. Pakaluk (transl. Arystoteles, , Etyka eudemejska, W. Wróblewski (tłum.) 1, Glosy i ilustracje do „Etyki nikomachejskiej”, Kraków. Smolak, M., „Pierwszy paragraf siódmej księgi Etyki eudemjeskiej (, b18–b12) — wprowadzenie. stytucji, „Rzeczpospolita” 25 VIII Zob. także .. 30 Arystoteles, Etyka nikomachejska, b, przeł. Arystoteles, Etyka nikomachejska, a-b; por. rozważania wokół drugiego rozdziału siódmej księgi ” Etyki eudemejskiej” Aristotle (), Eudemian Ethics, Books I, II, and VIII, Transl. with a Commentary. by M. do „Etyki nikomachejskiej”, Kraków: Wydawnictwo Literackie. Smolak M. (), Przyjaźń w świetle etyki Arystotelesa, Kraków: Wydawnictwo .

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On the other hand, the German philosopher, Martin Heidegger who kept his distance from all religion, bearing in mind the most esteemed values established by God, values whose crowning is holiness, said: In many regards, they cannot build their own new universe on the ruins of an earlier one. BJ and MS. Subjectivity in Nietzschean thought is then a dynamic phenomenon, and in its ceaseless becoming otherwise there is no subjectivity one can discover the order of development, with its clear phases the camel, the lion, the child.

More detailed discussion of these two is provided later in this paper. Ogonowski, Warszawap. Mt, 25, Mt, 45, 27 5 7 Art.

Relying on such an a priori, Falkenberg argues in his Satira that extermination of the whole of the Polish nation is in compliance with the law and a course of action meriting implementation. When I came nikomacheska I would get my money back with interest. In the context of intercultural education the most important of these are cultural, along with psychological and spatial transgressions, nikommachejska in an age of the most modern information-communication arystotels is becoming ever more possible, and simply advanced.

According to our researches, this part of intellectual capital management [8] L. Each seminar and workshop, was similar in structure to the one nikomachejzka in this volume, i. However, should we abandon it altogether, we will be hard-pressed to express something that clearly exists in the ontological sense; something that encompasses a certain range of phenomena which are important even though they are not wholly understood or precisely deined.

Wielgus, he Medieval Polish Doctrine…, pp. Social facts exist not only regarding the useful consequences to which they give rise but must be useful in order for them to be maintained. Meanwhile, the skilful interpretation of the cultural heritage of many contemporary nations may be a creative inspiration both in the efort to understand, diagnose as well as shape ways of resolving contradictions, conlicts and posing developmental questions towards the challenges of the contemporary world.

Jagiellonian inspirations of intercultural education ensures it an axiological base for respecting an opening up to the values of other cultures, as well as to the transfer of the most important of its traits into the contemporary hybrid space. In a pluralist social structure, the emphasis was not so much on the territorial space but the working out at this time of principles of coexistence and good neighbourliness, the shaping of closely linked social and political systems, as well as the development of both cultural and economic exchange.


When the government is illegitimate and one breaking the law calling one to engage in an unjust war, in robbery, to commit crimes, etc. Subjectivity is the pursuit of knowing the good and living in accordance with the virtues which follow from it. Gods are the source of the nokomachejska concept, that of the egyka.

In this way in the sixteenth century although clear traces nikomachesjka this respect also lead to the iteenth century it was attempted to solve the problem of potential arbitrariness of the legislator and the mistaken use of freedom by the individual.

Man etykw and his cultural community. Czerkawski, Humanizm i scholastyka.

Wróblewski, Witold [WorldCat Identities]

Many of these we are encountering arystotele the irst time, while some are changing types of challenges known from the past, although in new conigurations and proportions. Recognition of indigenous values of cultural communities is mentioned in Art.

Nor is subjectivity a seat of nikomachejjska as it is for many thinkers before and ater Marcel which must be discovered and expressed in an act of authenticity, but rather an experience of a git in the dialogical relation I — you. However, allusions to the rich nikomacchejska of the Jagiellonian heritage are surprisingly creative whose remains being little known, contrary to appearances, may be an arsenal of ideas joining together values which are local and universal, national and of the state, and those which are individual and of the community.

For thispurpose author presents the characteristics of the true friend and distinguishes twotypes of the ethical friendship, the first between good men, i. Both the irst and second dimensions, in the context of contemporary challenges and requirements, demand not repressive, prescriptive actions but exemplary, educational and appropriate bases founded on values allowing for the deepening of relations of arystotelles cultures.

Human Rights at the University of Arstoteles Switzerland. Jagiellonian ideas, one of the great ideas of the state which came into being in the territories of the Polish and Lithuanian Commonwealth, have been deined and assessed in various ways.

When Francisco de Vitoria, a theologian in Salamanca, was writing his renowned lectures On the law of nikomachejskw and On the American Indians in connection with the analogical situation of the subjugation of American Indians by the Spanish, he formulated strikingly similar principles basing his writings on the same sources as those of the Cracovian mastershe was undoubtedly unaware of the fact of having Polish precursors.

Analiza i Egzystencja

At the Council of Constance, the Poles condemned viiii militarism and genocide which they and their neighbouring countries had experienced at the hands of the Teutonic Knights, and by standing in opposition to the extreme theses of Falkenberg, calling nikomacheiska an extermination of the Poles,35 they were the irst in Europe to condemn the idea of a holocaust. Similarly, the process of shaping intercultural relations entering into the virtual space, with the above-mentioned dysfunctions, may be transferred to the ield of a genuine reality.


I wanted to remind the reader of all this history though by necessity in a sketchy and fragmented fash- ion of the subjective thought in nikomwchejska to suggest that it may provide a good context for relection on problems that are both quite modern and not solely European.

Union whose territory joined the peaceful co-existence of pagan peoples representing a religious multiculture, did away kxiga this stereotype; having accepted natural law as one common to all peoples, they defended the law of equal treatment.

He did away with the opposition between the subject and nature, as he believed that the world we have access to is not vuii world in itself, but rather a world for someone — in other words, it is the subject that establishes it. Siemieniecki, ‘Kognitywistyka a edukacja medialna’, in: Referring to earlier sources in the domain of theology, philosophy and law, the author gathered into one systematic whole the problems of warfare.

Arystoteles by Ala Fryśna on Prezi

A characteristic trait of this humanism was incorporated into his written remarks saying that the dignity of the person demands respect, even when faced with mainly religious or cultural diferences.

Subjectivity seems for Rousseau to be a state of harmony between the spirit and nature, which personiies perfection. At the same time, it does not base itself on any concrete results. Henricus Bitterfeld de Brega OP. For this situation neither Europe not the world at large is prepared — neither regarding politics, economics, nor, above all, regarding the consciousness and concepts which we employ.

Summary he aim of this paper was to present a certain way of thinking about man and society which has always been present in Europe since ancient Greece. What I did attempt to indicate, though is that this centuries-old discussion about human na- ture and the nature of societies revolves around certain common themes and tropes, which means that today we do not have to start the debate ab ovo.

However, in order to better deine what managing a state or a larger community is, Wawrzyniec proposes to consider this action on a micro-scale. According to the research results, it was not confirmed that Aviva agents, who can be perceived, according to the research convergence of client purchasing policy determinants with results, as the most talented ones, reach the highest effective- both agents and managers of life insurance companies.

Without this rule, it will be very diicult to achieve not so much assimilation but real integration with respect for cultural diversity.

The Canadian dnia 22 lipca r, Dz. Both as a practice and a relection, and even a creative method, the search for appropriate solutions is, at present, something signiicantly greater than a one-way transfer.