Let’s go back down to memory lane and remember a moment of nostalgia when we were young and experience our first minor toothache and the remission in. The article focuses upon the questions of the frame, the plotting and the genre of H.C. Andersen’s last tale Auntie Toothache. The way the device of the frame is. Andersen’s ‘Auntie Toothache’. Auntie Toothache. Where we’ve got the story from ? –. – Would you like to know that? We’ve got it from the bin.

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There is a broken pane in my room, over which the landlady has pasted some paper, but the wind blows through the crack despite that and produces a sound similar to that of a buzzing wasp. Frequently one throws into the wastepaper basket what ought not to go there.

I got Eve to clothe herself in the cold weather, and Adam too. Volume 2 Anutie 2 Janpp.

Twice upon a time …

Volume 50 Issue Novpp. Wullschlager also sees Andersen as a Romantic artist, giving us a series of heroes who are buoyed up by an unshakeable belief in their ability to act upon the world. He has an interesting collection, one that contains a number of important documents from the paper basket of a few too preoccupied, absent-minded officials; a few confidential letters from one woman friend to another: It is quite amusing to read.

This was the report I gave Aunty about my flat, though it was livelier at the time, for the spoken word has a fresher sound than the written. And then she started to play; she looked terrible, even if one did not see more of her than her hand, the shadowy, gray, icecold hand, with the long, thin, pointed fingers; each of them was an instrument of torture; the thumb and the forefinger were the pincers and wrench; the middle finger ended in a pointed awl; the ring finger was a drill, and the little finger squirted gnat’s poison.


The tooth of innocence, gleaming like a small drop of white milk, the milk tooth. That is the end of the story.

Volume 17 Issue Jahresband Janpp. You are a great poet, perhaps the greatest we have! Volume 54 Issue Novpp.

Auntie Toothache by Giovanni Moran |

Was it her or the wind that was buzzing like a botfly in the crack of the window pane. They gleam so white on him there in the bed. She says I am a poet. Yes, you will be exciting! Auntue suffered terribly from toothache, as one can see.

Apart from that, it is a nice house and I live with a quiet family. Volume 41 Issue Janpp. I showed her the leaf with the insect and tootuache her of my thoughts in connection with these. Often when Tooothache go walking along the city streets, it seems to me as if I am walking in a big library; the houses are the bookshelves; and every floor is a shelf with books.

Hans Christian Andersen : Aunty Toothache

They have defied sweet and sour, hot and cold, nutshell and plumstone! Newer Post Older Post Home. With its elaborate framing device, its underlying conceit that there is no hierarchy in different kinds of writing, and its bleak suggestion that even great literature ends up as wrapping paper for grocery goods, “Auntie Toothache” reads like a proto-modernist essay rather than a hyper-realist tale.


I showed her the leaf with the insect, told her of my musings, and her eyes gleamed. The Penguin edition, by contrast, has chosen to go with examples of Andersen’s own artwork.

H.C. Andersen centret

Great, glowing names and inscriptions on waving banners of victory, the letters patent of immortality, toothachr on the wing of an ephemera, shone down to me through the water. I wrote down my description of the house as it stands, with all its sounds, its noises, but included only myself. Aunte comes like a ray of sunlight and fills one’s soul and thoughts; it comes like the fragrance of a flower, like a melody that one knows and yet cannot remember from where. She was, and is, to me the most sympathetic of friends, both in my poetical troubles and dental troubles, for I have attacks of both.

The gate bangs and shakes the house as if there were an earthquake. There is something of the poet in auntiw, but not enough. There came a great gust of wind, so that the unlocked door in to auntie shot open.

Yet we came to talk about all this; we went back to the days of my childhood and talked and talked. Among these you will find the familiar “Princess on the Pea” “on”, apparently, is much more accurate than the usual “and””The Toohtache Duckling” and “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.