Books shelved as go-weiqi-baduk: Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go by Toshiro Kageyama, Tesuji And Anti Suji Of Go by Eio Sakata, Battle Strategies by Ja. This page contains reviews of the Go books I read, so you can have some guidelines before going on a shopping spree. I provide here links to the books. I started the game about 2 years ago, but quit after 1 month of play. and I got back to the game about months ago. I am about 17k on OGS.

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Beauty and the Beast: I have like Train Like a Pro which appears to be the equivalent of the next badk after Advanced but would like to have a running start when I reach it.

All professional Go players in Japan have studied Shusaku’s games at some point in their career. I provide here links to the books available online from Amazon. TsumeGo in Pictures by Izumi Hase?

Popular Go Weiqi Baduk Books

The beginners to 10k start very, very basic- e. The book with connection problems in it is nice, as I haven’t seem much of that type of problem in English problem books.

Solving the problems are nearly as much fun as playing the game.

Difficulty seems badjk range quite a bit, but seems to be rather on the difficult side. It also teaches you to defend against common attacks. Kajiwara also took care of the famous Kitani Go school for a period when Kitani himself was incapacitated by illness. I think I learn from problems best by drilling lots and lots of similar shapes, moves etc. I purchased all 5 volumes in the series. I got the classic gokyo shumyo, genegn gokyo, guanzipu, a bit hard but really improve reading, mybe 1 dan start on the gokyo shumyo.

Intro, foundational, beginners, intermediate, advanced? I was badu, to be able to send it by sea, which would have cost me around yuan, but for some reason it wasn’t available as an option too big, maybe? It took about a week or so for everything to arrive to their warehouse- this was including some extra time because one of the sets had arrived to them without all the books- they contacted the seller and got them to send the missing ones.


Any other source of problems is good, of course, but this one conveniently groups problems for different ranks in a series. This makes the majority of go books somewhat inaccessible to the majority of English-speaking i. These books have certainly fixed that.

Popular Go Weiqi Baduk Books

A lovely book, and a must read for everybody who wants to understand the spirit of Go, not only the technique.

The 25 book Zhang Jie set mentioned below I’ve seen one positive review for, so figured these might be good as well and https: Each diagram bauk the screen.

Bookz 1 of 2. The book is quite small- smaller than e. Anyway, buy this book and study it, it’s really great! So I’m not sure what “Primary” refers to, but I would say the other volumes are probably dan level or close to it. It has more importantly taught me how to look at other problems I encounter within a game a see solutions Boosk wouldn’t have even thought of before.

Appreciating Famous Games Another book that I liked a lot; there are several in-depth commented, famous games from the history of Go. Yes, they are being sent to Australia Hobart, Tasmania. The treasure chest enigma: The pocket books are OK- maybe a little bit hard for me now, but it will be nice to be able to carry around.

In general, what’s the easiest way to order these books? I like easy but not trivial problems, so it’s great for me. I’m going to make a big order soon, and also looking for recommendations. Thank you for the detailed review! The Endgame The last stage in a complete Go game is usually pretty boring, since there are less and less places to fight for, and the fights are smaller and smaller – the last one is many times a half-point fight in the final ko.

Well, trust me, it is: There’s some overlap, but Jump Level Up has a lot of tesuji and semeai problems while Essential Life and Death is purely about the life and death of single groups surrounded by strong enemy stones. Exquisite Play and Go Theory This dan-level book is about applying bavuk Go theory into practice, with examples from the Chinese professional Go scene.


Yose is a lot about resisting the urge to defend everywhere, and instead threatening to do an equal damage to your opponent. I don’t mind paying the service fees, bad exchange rates etc on a big order. Unless you already know basic joseki, this book will be a great help. The problems are difficult and I would not recommend this book to anyone lower than 3 dan. Playing gives us this practice, but playing alone results in bad habits, when moves go unpunished by weaker opponents.

Thu Apr 26, 7: So You Want to Play Go? This is a great book for someone who knows the basics. I was taking my inspiration from that “It’s not hard to make 8D” post, which advocates buying lots of problem books, and solving them continously. Positional Judgment This book teaches us how to quickly estimate a global position and decide what to do next based on that, which is a bopks important technical skill to have especially in competitive Go.

I do have the Lee Changho books in pdf, and like to print off a couple of pages to carry around for when I have a spare minute.

Is the order you listed them in order of difficulty; i. It is divided in to sections though, and some problems with solutions with explanations are given at the beginning of each section, so maybe that gives some clues that I’m not picking up. The author has a fun sense of humor which spices up a potentially dry subject.

I think I mentioned that I have the Jump Level Up series arriving next week, I’ve heard that the two series level up, speed baduk are quite comparable. Books about games are kind of hard to produce well on the Kindle, and this one’s pretty good.