This internship report of Bank Alfalah Limited Bahawalpur where I spend 06 weeks in almost all departments of bank. I worked with all staff of bank. Internship Report on Bank Alfalah – Free ebook download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. BANK ALFALAH LIMITED Internship Report submitted to the Faculty of Management & Administrative Sciences in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the.

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Here, I was compelled to propose my own strategy keeping in mind all the above factors.

The Bank has employed a proactive approach in the form of a well-designed and transparent credit approval process. After opening an account with the bank the account holder makes a request in the name of the bank for the issuance of a Eeport book.

These vouchers are already posted to computer by the concerned department. Print out of the clearing is taken and details are attached with the cheques of each bank. We use them for compliance and verification. We have made a break-through in providing premier services at an affordable cost to our customers. It gives you the flexibility to convert your large payments into small equal monthly installments. Banks borrowing internshipp mostly in the form of deposits.

This comprises more than financial institutions all over the world signifying the favorable reputation that Bank Alfalah enjoys globally as a stable and responsible banking institution. If the amount is greater than Rs.

Parties Involved In DD: But in the case of bank borrowing funds from outside parties is more vital because the borrowed capital of a bank is much greater their own capital. Without letter of thanks bank will alralah issue you cheque book. If any cheque is to return that is delivered to the same bank in second clearing.


Details of these banks are then entered into the clearing schedule containing number of cheques presented and their total amount against the name of each bank.

Bank Alfalah Internship Report – Bohat ALA

Recently the cards business has also been expanded to Afghanistan being the first issuer there and this trend of expansion to other countries will continue in many countries to make Bank Alfalah the first Pakistani bank to issue cards worldwide.

Sales acquiring includes installation of POS machines at different merchant locations.

Entry is passed in the cash payment register. Bank has developed excellent business and correspondent relations with renowned banks of the world whose support in terms of lines of credit has enabled it to handle ever-growing trade volumes.

After proper scrutiny of cheques verification of signatures and confirmation of balance in the account the Officer Cash Department pays these cheques by canceling and posting them in the system. Designing the product portfolio in response to royal patriot, internhsip custodial, Alfalah car finance, Alfalah rupee traveler cheques, home loans are prime example of quality innovation providing timely banking opportunities to customer.

Again proper scrutiny is made by the officer cash department both on cash receipt and cash receiving register. Before issuance of a Cheque book the bank stamp every leaf with the account number of the customer enter it in the cheque book register and computer and issues the cheque book to the customer after his signature on the register.

The imports figure of Rs. The separation of East Pakistan and its repercussion in the form of economic depression has caused a lot alfalaj difficulties to the banking system in Pakistan.


Assignment Point – Solution for Best Assignment Paper

To continuously offer courteous, professional and advanced banking solution the team of bank has recently been rejuvenated by going through training programs with focus to information technology. Later the bank of Amsterdam was also formed in Redeem the earned points anytime for fabulous gifts of your choice.

There is also an added personal touch-you can receive a 10 word message from the sender with every transaction at no extra cost. It has two types of banking conventional and Islamic banking. The customer fills it and gives it to the account opening Officer. All the people work with cooperation; managers are so kind that each problem can be discussed intrenship them.

If he is cleared from all the liabilities then further proceeds are taken.

BAL issues Cheque books from 10 leaves to 50 leaves. Deport Asif in this department all the vouchers that are posted during one day are sent to the Account Department next day. Bank has already started its working to go internationally and its future target markets include UAE, Bahrain, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Where a banker accepts paying all checks drawn against him to extend of the balance in the accounts.

Things which are required for car financing: Car Financing, on the one hand provided an opportunity for the financing institutions to increase their spreads, while on the other hand facilitated in expanding their consumer base with small per client exposure.