Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. By the time she’s 28 years old, British -born Quinn Bed Rest – Kindle edition by Sarah Bilston. Download it once. In this humorous and touching debut, Sarah Bilston tells the story of a busy career a breeze – until she’s ordered off her feet for complete and total bed rest. Three months of bed rest forces a pregnant lawyer to reexamine her life.

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I knew, when I read all the fannying about, explaining the first-person narrative by framing it as a diary totally fucking pointless and wasn’t even used consistentlythat it was going to bug the tits off me. She watches Ricki Lake, but doesn’t get round to reading a novel. The characters created are highly realistic and even likeable, but erst plot was definitely lacking. Life is too short to force myself to finish crap books, so into the DNF pile for you.

I wish I could give this book no stars at all. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The main character “Q” is put on bed rest for 10 weeks and the entire time is negative and complains about everything.

I still find it a good read. Sarah Bilston has written a very clear-sighted novel about how tough it is for women to juggle career, marriage and childbirth- I laughed out loud and I couldn’t put it rsst – Marian Keyes. Nor is it the book’s fault that my bilsgon rhythms are all to cock with doing my first ever week of night shift and I’ve been so tired that I would have killed for three months’ bed rest, quite frankly.

I enjoyed the book which is written in the form of a diary – Q is quite a funny character, but I felt it was a kind of bittersweet kind of humour.

A diagnosis of oligohydramnios changes everything. Be the first to discover new talent! She is needy and selfish and awful towards her husband and her friend that comes to visit her.


This book was pretty good. This novel all though bilstton at times was overall a fun read and certainly not predictable! Q is a whining, mean woman whose bed rest just makes her personality worse. I feel a bit bad giving this book only one star. Books by Bilson Bilston.

Bed Rest Audiobook | Sarah Bilston |

She also deals with family stuff. This was a good audio book and my first by Sarah Bilston. It was a quick read that kept my interest, but I had expected a shopaholic type character with silly high jinks. Right, having a baby makes it all better. I do feel bad about the swearing though. It was a tiring read and I was happy to be finished it. The Unfinished Novel and Other stories. I’m assuming HOPING that eventually she will realize what an awful, awful person she is and come to realize that she needs to stop being such a bitch to people around her, but honestly, I can’t deal with her until then.

I’m glad she got through the bed rest and had a healthy baby boy but getting there was rough to read. However, after a mere seven or eight days, she’s sure she going to go out of her mind with boredom.

The book is written in a diary format, which didn’t work for me.


This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Both completely self centered.

Written as a bilzton of diary entries by time and date, listen to the adventures Q makes of her Bed Rest full of emotional bonding with her unborn, repairning and reignitying the intimacy within her marriage, helping out friends with their legal queries and of hilston, much hilarity.

At the end, this mom delivered a healthy baby – and that’s all that matters. I liked it because unlike those novels which are romantic in tone, this novel is bounded in what happens after the honeymoon.

The question on the cover is ‘Can you live your life without leaving your bed? But when her doctor tells her she has to spend the last three months of her pregnancy lying in bed, Q is thrown into a tailspin by the idea that her social and professional life must come to a total stop.


Besides the fact that as I suspected the author wrapped up all the angst of th The cover says, ‘Even if you’ve never been pregnant you’ll be as instantly hooked on this addictive novel as I was. However, after a mere seven or This was a good audio book and my first by Sarah Bilston. At first, she figures it will be a breeze, after all, Q has never been one who has a hard time keeping herself busy or entertained.

Thinking it was another shallow yet enjoyable book in the genre of “chick lit” by another British author. I wanted to read this because it was about pregnancy, and I want to have children eventually and the maternal clock is ticking so I thought maybe reading about someone being pregnant would sort of scratch that itch in the meantime, but Ugh.

I enjoyed the author’s telling of what life on bed rest during pregnancy really looks like – it’s not fun and games. I had a pretty good sense that I would not finish the book, right from the start, but I try to go at least 50 pages in before I set a novel aside.

I am pregnant and on bed rest albeit for different reasons than the main character but I was not that impressed by the writing or the story. Well, this would be the answer.

Apr 05, Rebecca rated it it was ok Shelves: