In his book on Bergson, Deleuze states that ʻthere cannot be a difference in kind but only a difference in degree between the faculty of the brain and the function. In short: we have to recognize that there could be no projected research topic less Deleuzian and Bergsonian, a priori, than this one: “On Deleuze’s Bergsonism. The first book dedicated to Gilles Deleuze’s seminal study of Henri Bergson’s philosophy Henri Bergson is widely accepted as one of the most significant.

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He was a great philosopher precisely because of what his training and his discipline allowed him to create.

The new Bergsonism

Indeed one could begrsonism that such a model of consciousness is itself a product of the delusion of spatialized duration. Capitalism and SchizophreniaVol. Notably, within his metaphysics he favored a Spinozian concept of a plane of immanence with everything a mode of one substance, and thus on the same level of existence. Surely our memories cannot in any meaningful way be a re-established link with the past itself — surely they must be representations? So while discipline is a basis for remote control of the organism it also — paradoxically — extends its structural complexity ; its repertoire of dissipative, structural modulation is further extended with every structuralcoupling.

Delezue rated it it was amazing Jan 15, An astonishing exegesis on the work of Bergson, it comes across with extraordinary clarity and precision in its argument structure.

Clark quotes cognitive science researcher Dana H. The Spiritual Automaton Eugene Marshall.

Bergsonism by Gilles Deleuze

Clark lists some of the props which we use in our environment to enable us to perform functions which would otherwise be impossible for our brain and nervous system alone. The dimension of duration delwuze no more destructible than is the dimension of space. It is also frequently noted that Deleuze is largely responsible for having revived and contoured the prevailing interest in Bergson’s work.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. Dec 29, Leonardo marked it as considering. I hope this review makes sense. Considering himself an empiricist and a vitalist, his body of work, which rests upon concepts such as multiplicity, constructivism, difference and desire, stands at a substantial remove from the main traditions of 20th century Continental thought. As a side note, Bergson’s idea of time adds a who Loved it.

But our need for discipline always beggsonism us open to the possibility of remote control. Consequently, if one element fails then the whole structure fails to function. Dennett, Consciousness ExplainedPenguin. He argues that deep in the ordered regime the islands of activity would be too small and isolated for complex behaviour to propagate across the system. If a liquid is placed in a closed container and shaken, then it will dynamically rearrange itself for a short while but eventually stabilize in the bottom of the container bertsonism cease moving — it will reach equilibrium.

Little by little it comes into view like a condensing cloud; from the virtual state bergsoniam passes deleuzw the actual. Changing gaze is analogous to changing the memory reference in a silicon computer.

Deleuze’s Bergsonism

Apr 15, Brian Kim rated it it was amazing. But we have seen that Dennett, in his critique of qualia, argues that experienced qualities are not in some inner psychological space but in the encounter between brain, body and the world itself. Apr 12, Andrew added it Shelves: As we have seen, the two are inextricably linked in the forging of subjectivity, as structural-coupling lays down the vast array of dissipative-structures which provide the conditions of possibility for ever more complex, autopoietic processes.


Sobre lo virtual deleue Gilles Deleuze, Bergsonism, trad. I don’t really understand the virtual as a concept, yet. Deep in the chaotic regime, on the other hand, the system would be too sensitive to small perturbations to maintain its organization.

Nanotechnologies are already being envisaged, in which the autopoietic capacities of the human body and nervous systems will be the object of direct and calculated assault. Find it on Scholar. Amelia H rated it really liked it Jul 24, This article has no associated abstract. Deleuze became known for writing about other philosophers with new insights and different readings, interested as he was in liberating philosophical history from the hegemony of one perspective.

No deleuzf specified fix it.

Sean Watson: The new Bergsonism / Radical Philosophy

The soul is the effect and instrument of a political anatomy; the soul is the prison of the body. Contains a clear definition of the bergzonism, a concept Deleuze takes up in his work outside of the history of philosophy. He wrote on Spinoza, Nietzche, Kant, Leibniz and others, including literary authors and works, cinema, and art. In this context social control should be seen in terms of structural-coupling, and autonomy and creativity in terms of autopoiesis.

In understanding consciousness, Bergson says that we cannot limit ourselves to the phenomenology of consciousness while bracketing out the rest of the world — for it is precisely the totality, the virtual, which provides the conditions of possibility for consciousness.