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This situation was reflected in our study: The fertility rate for women aged 12—19 was 37 births per women. My mom and my dad studied until high school, but I did not even finish it.

Reactions to the pregnancy The reactions bioprogramacionn the pregnancy were varied. The purpose here was to make sense of the information provided by each of our interviews and participants before, during and after the pregnancy.

When children are heavy, we are happy… when people saw my daughter so small and thin, they told me – your child is underweight, she looks sick… Father and mother, 42 years old, resp.

This led to the girl breaking up with her partner or to frequent changes of residence, as Robichaux has also demonstrated in Mesoamerica [ 36 ]. Interventions in secondary schools have improved the sale of food [ 3138 — 40 ], which also suggested participants in bioprogramaciom study, in addition to install dining rooms that offer healthy and balanced meal. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. If the health personnel do not identify this lack of perception of overweight and its comorbidities, the interventions will continue without success.

Contradictory narratives were given with respect to the self-perception of the girls as mothers. Comfort for ourselves, if they are entertained watching TV, they are bioprogramacino giving us problems; and we can finish our tasks home… Mother, 29 years old.

A Health Focuspp. In their longing to be loved and recognized, adolescents can overlook the unpleasant traits in the person they have chosen as a partner and highlight those they consider their qualities, thus losing a sense of proportion of reality.

Thus, the teen mothers with this kind of family always had a support network.

Journal of Obesity

The mothers interviewed in depth were 38 and 45 years old, respectively, the girl 12 and the boy 15 years old. He does not even have enough to buy food. With such information they are usually less confused and distressed and react more rationally and reflexively in face of the new behaviour patterns. Unlike the European system of marriage, in which the prevailing type of family is nuclear, in the present study the extended family was predominant.



Several parents said that buying a soda is cheaper and faster than preparing water with fruit. Other factors related to teen bioprogramqcion are low self-esteem, feelings of abandonment and loneliness, and poor communication between the girl and her mother regarding the onset of sexual relations [ 16 ].

Almost all parents did not perceive overweight or obesity in their children; they went to the hospital for acanthosis nigricans, hypertension, asthma, or other health conditions but not for the weight of their children: Children and even parents wake up almost at noon, do not respect schedules or quality of their food, do not combine correctly the food groups or their quantities, and usually underestimate the amount of food: Teenage pregnancy, whose problem?

He was in school, had homework, and had to work To receive news and publication updates for Journal of Obesity, enter your email address in the box below. In conclusion, the barriers detected in this study have similitude and differences with other big cities.

The snowball technique was used to obtain new cases, contacting teens at school, in biiprogramacion homes, or in the clinic during prenatal care. Mentaal ethnographic tool of interviewing with an observer present reduced the incidence of reactivity and of acting differently during the interview, allowing the researcher to get accustomed to the participants and their families and vice versa.

Succeeding Success – Volume 2 of 7 16 Nov This family situation had an effect on the decrease in the attention that the adolescents received from their parents, which contributed to poor communication among family members, feelings of loneliness on the part of the adolescent, despite daily interaction with brothers and sisters. This situation was expressed by Marietta, ayear-old single: I felt very restricted… bioprigramacion father kept a close eye on me. This situation was described by year-old Yaqui cohabiting with her boyfriend: In this regard, our findings are similar to those reported by Fletcher and Wolfe [ 34 ], who showed that adolescent fatherhood, results in fewer years of schooling.

Accordingly, in addition to the information provided by the teen interviewee, we sought out the opinions of relatives or people close to her.

As year-old Rosa said:.

: Mariam Charytin Murillo Velazco: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

My mother and all of my aunts got married the right way, even though some of them no longer live with the father of their children. Are You an Author? Experiences and accounts of pregnancy among adolescents: For parents it is better that the children are entertained watching TV than in the street exposed to danger; this way, the parents are able to finish work at home.


In the developing countries, the fertility rate in the adolescent population has not diminished because there has been no substantial increase in the opportunities for access to comprehensive education or in well-paying jobs; public programs that promote bioproggamacion prevention of teen pregnancy have been lacking.

They also suggested that children do exercise on recommended time inside schools: For this reason, the child represented a consolation for some of the new mothers and a reason to put up with the indifference of their partner.

This study also covered issues bioprogramacionn different contexts of teen pregnancy such as knowledge of sexually transmitted disease, childbirth practices, the quality of pre-natal care, the use of contraceptive methods, family planning and abortion, among other topics.

From their fantasies, many adolescents get involved in relationships that at the same time make them feel uncomfortable. Data analyses were performed with semi-structured interviews, which are not available to other researchers, due to ethics and confidentiality issues.

Family context and individual situation of teens before, during and after pregnancy in Mexico City

Another of the limitations of the present study is its qualitative methodology and lack of external validation. Read more Read less. In extended families, the aid to bilprogramacion new couple in some cases included caring for the child as well as contributing to the housework and household expenses, which coincides with the characteristics of the Mesoamerican family system, as shown by Robichaux [ 3536 bioprogrxmacion for the Mesoamerican cultural area.

They also expressed the desire to return to school and to work in any kind of job they could get to make ends meet. Finally, most pregnant teens receive support from their mother and partner [ 19 ].

Becoming a mother meant fulfilment for the girls in spite of the fear and worry experienced when they did not know how to inform their parents of the pregnancy. In a previous study, bioprogramwcion found that one of the reasons why children and adolescents would participate in a program to lose weight is to prevent diabetes [ 26 ].

Our findings coincide with those reported by Manning and Cohen [ 44 ], who analysed adolescent cohabitation, marriage and motherhood. Notes Ethics approval and consent to participate Ethical approval for the study was granted boprogramacion the Institute National of Perinatology Ethics Committee.