Click here to read or submit reviews and ratings for Bird-Watching-In-Lion- Bird Watching In Lion Country by Dirk Du Toit. Reviews for BWILC by Dirk Du Toit at By traders, for traders. Hi: Does anyone have any experience with or opinions about the book [U] Birdwatching in Lion Country[/U] by Dirk du Toit? Other than the.

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Bird Watching in Lion Country

Repeat this unemotionally and systematically. He is fundamentally against highly geared trading – standard I believe that trading involves more luck than most people would care to admit, but it is certainly not gambling.

A large US banks proprietary desk may want to benefit from some data showing that the Japanese stock exchange will probably rise during the next few months and then sell dollars to buy yen in order to invest in Japanese stocks.

For example, technical analysis and its indicators were developed primarily in order to trade stocks, futures and options on centralized exchanges. In other words, what most people call fundamental analysis i. Knowing your edge is not enough, you have to know how to use it. I kept brief notes of my trades. It is so often the case; a novice trader diligently applies himself, a thorough study of technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and psychology is undertaken.

The main reason why there are so many poor books on forex trading is because of stock trading which is the source of the how-to-trade industry. Managing a trading account over a long period of time is a complex endeavour. Part 4 The Edge is about identifying the edges you have and looking at sensible ways of increasing these advantages.


Furthermore the technology that many households and businesses already have, a PC and Internet connection, is all the equipment required. In fact they seem to be doing the very opposite. According to anecdotal contry not more than one out of ten people that attempt trading any market make a success of it, and in forex trading many say this percentage may even be lower. A lot of what trading is, is knowing what it is not. The amazing thing is that most of them dont even properly make it out of the starting blocks.

And ln the buyers and the sellers are slugging it out with neither gaining the ascendancy and the market moves side-ways.

Time went by and I was constantly scanning through the 6 major pairs for entry signals. It is what Andrew Keen describes in his excellent book The Cult of the Amateur it has become easy to bluff your way as a mentor. Any slights of people or organizations are unintentional. He is the dr.xirk who picks up the lions tail.

Bird Watching in the Lion Country – [PDF Document]

He has closed the gap, the money cant escape as losses. So he tinkers with it, trying to identify su problem. Part of the answer lies in knowing what you cant know. Some are good, some are bad, some are indifferent. I can also anticipate price changes based on known future events. No matter what your time frame, entering the market and being in-the-money five minutes later is luck.


Let me say that again – when a losing position is closed, dr.firk loss is finalised. The second main guideline is when the bottom of the grid is being tested. In the words of billionaire philanthropist and philosopher George Soros, it is a matter of reflexivity a kind of feedback loop.

There is a gap between what he knows and the reality of the market. Many traders play with fire without knowing it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

And what if a lot of the other traders out there dont know that the first lot acted like this? There are buyers and there are sellers.

Forex Falacies Exposed: Bird Watching in Lion Country

If you watch every episode you will probably get too involved and lose your objectivity. Most indicators only serve to confuse the issues. I hope, more importantly, you will also know something about what it is. There’s a thread on the author and the book here, it does actually sound quite interesting. But you cannot ignore the realities of the market you are trading. Toiit 9, 1 0 And it gets them nowhere. I want to equip them with tracking skills, I want to improve their senses, Dr.eirk want to give them a chance in a hostile environment.

Another very important role the mentor plays is that he is often in a position to offer objective advice.