A. Bogoliubov-Valatin transformation. 1. B. Equation of motion. 3. II. Diagonalization Theory of Bose Systems 6. A. Dynamic matrix. 6. Remarks on the Bogoliubov-Valatin transformation. Authors: Liu, W. S.. Affiliation: AA(Department of Physics, Shanxi University, Taiyuan , People’s. Module 7: Tunneling and the energy gap. Lecture 4: Pair Tunneling, Modified Bogoliubov-Valatin Transformation and the Josephson Effects.

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This is used in the derivation of Hawking radiation. Remarks on the Bogoliubov-Valatin transformation Z t operators, respectively.

D 2, 1 Magnetic susceptibility and Hall Effect followed by problem solving Module 3: Experimental probes of superconductivity-2 Module The most prominent application is by Nikolai Bogoliubov himself in the context of superfluidity.

Quantum theory of solidsNew York, Wiley It may be written tary operator Up x be obtained from a straightforward in a form of unitary transformations for the individual integral as was done for Eq.

Free energy formulation Lecture 2: This induces an autoequivalence on the respective representations. Retrieved from ” https: Field and order parameter variation inside a vortex Module 6: Superconducting Transition Temperature Lecture Microscopic Theory Lecture 3: BCS Wavefunction in terms of 2m-particle states Lecture As it happens that the following commutation relation is 4.


All excited states are obtained as linear combinations of the transdormation state excited by some creation operators:. Advances of Boglliubov Sciences.

However, some care- lessness still happened occasionally. In theoretical physicsthe Bogoliubov transformationalso known as Bogoliubov-Valatin transformationwere independently developed in by Nikolay Bogolyubov and John George Valatin for finding solutions of BCS theory in a homogeneous system.

This is interpreted as a linear symplectic transformation of the phase space. Basic thermodynamics and magnetism Lecture 2: Tunneling and the energy gap Lecture 1: Remarks on the Bogoliubov-Valatin transformation.

Bogoliubov transformation

Consider the canonical commutation relation for bosonic creation and annihilation operators in the harmonic basis. Log In Sign Up.

Also in nuclear physicsthis method is bogoliubkv since it may describe the “pairing energy” of nucleons in a heavy element. Would you like to know when this course is offered for certification?

Bogolyubov-Valatin Transformation – Scholarpedia

Application of Superconductors Lecture 1: Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Superconductivity phenomenon Lecture 1: Electrical conductivity and heat capacity followed by problem solving Lecture 2: Since the form of this condition is suggestive of the hyperbolic identity.


GL equations in presence of fields currents and gradients Lecture 4: Views Read Edit View history. U t then becomes simply Solution of London equations and free energy calculations Module 4: Bound States Lecture 4: Normal metals Lecture 1: BCS Wavefunction Lecture 9: Determination of coefficients Alpha and Beta in the absence of fields and gradients Lecture 3: The Bogoliubov transformation is also important for understanding transformaion Unruh effectHawking radiationpairing effects in nuclear physics, and many other topics.

Thermodynamics of the superconducting transition Lecture 1: Microscopic theory of superconductivity Lecture 1: Heat Capacity and other Thermodynamic Properties Module 7: Retrieved 27 April The most prominent application is again by Nikolai Bogoliubov himself, this time for the BCS theory of superconductivity.

BCS bogoliuubov function is an example of squeezed coherent state of fermions. The ground state of the corresponding Hamiltonian is annihilated by all the annihilation operators:. Unconventional superconductors Lecture 1: