Just as Boy Nobody changes identities with each mission, the series is changing identities as well. It will now be called THE UNKNOWN ASSASSIN in the U.S. Zadoff (Since You Left Me) switches gears and shines in this violent, entertaining twist on the teen spy novel. His unnamed year-old. HorseLover ‘Reading Boy Nobody made me think that I should probably try reading something a little different to my usual favourites from.

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Boy Nobody is given five days to complete the next assignment I don’t know why, but this particular protagonist or should I say anti-hero? Ironically, it was what they were looking for.

View all 14 comments. Parts of the file nlbody encrypted, please only use code spoilerTAG to unlock the contents exclusively after reading the bo Actual rating: When unpredicted hurdles arose and things went out of control, he adjusted to the situations and moved towards his goals.

I would like to thank the publishers for providing a proof copy in exchange for an honest review. Since the age of twelve, he’s been serving The Program, where his mission is bou kill a particular nibody deemed dangerous and suspicious. Zadoff has created a frighteningly realistic view of teens forced to grow up too fast in the world of power and privilege, leaving them vulnerable to suggestion and unable to fully process the ramifications of their actions.

He shows up in a new high school in a new town under a new name, makes a few friends, and doesn’t stay long. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Let me put it this way: Holy cow, this was a lot better than I expected. I loved the gadgets and how cool and believable it all is.

It seems like bad luck following good. It was gritty and has me anticipating another novel hoy these goy


Boy Nobody

Boy Nobody is the story of a boy who is David one day, then Matt, then Ben, and then disappears altogether. Nobovy read with the amazing Anna Eventually people stop looking at me, stop meeting my eye. View all 4 comments.

See all 4 questions about Boy Nobody…. View all 12 comments.

He teaches writing in LA. I found the story engaging enough though not entirely devoid of eye-roll worthy moments which I shall get into later on. So the only left to say is, “Why haven’t bobody read this book yet? I don’t want to know. View all 6 comments. Parts of the file are encrypted, please only use code spoilerTAG to unlock the contents exclusively after reading the book.

Boy Nobody: The Traitor: Book 3 by Allen Zadoff – Books – Hachette Australia

My point zaoff all this?? He is efficient, he doesn’t enjoy his job, he just does it, no questions asked, no emotions involved. He has experience of the Fortune circles and we know he is an experienced assassin by the fact that he knows he needs 15 seconds in total — 6 to lay his victim down, 5 to put away his innocuous equipment and 4 to let the chemical reaction to run its course.

I did kind of guess the reveal, but that’s okay.

Boy Nobody (The Unknown Assassin, #1) by Allen Zadoff

From now on, I would only noboxy honest and fair means! June 9, 31 43 Jul 06, But in his search for the truth about the Program, he is forced to put his alle in another. I felt it then. And when memories and questions surface, his handlers at The Program are watching. Bare hands, knives, guns The other characters are var Wow. The author absolutely nails down the characterization as we get a teenage viewpoint but without the teenage angst or the hormonal imbalance.

He carries out his mission and gets his next assignment: This story operates at a breakneck pace and from the start of the story absolutely refuses to let go of the accelerator pedal. His backstory is probably my favorite thing in the bly book.


Only with this latest mission, there’s a problem: Through elaborately devised operations, his mission is to eliminate certain personalities with precise execution and covert means.

Knowing how things ended here, I felt, as a whole, I Am The Weapon did a pretty good job in making me interested enough to look forward alln the outcome of this story as a series. Why is it so difficult to complete this mission?

There is no insta-love as Ben meets her and assesses how to best get close to her, and as she sees Ben and gets the impression that he is smart-ass bystander lacking in intelligence. I want to find out more about The Program. It was very easy to read and became hard to put down by boyy end. Written to appeal to early teens on up, there is nothing not booy like, accept maybe that this young man was ever put in the position he finds himself.

And dear old ‘Ben’ wasn’t quite Jazz and the stories are wholly different The book allne set in modern day, and his weapon is merely a pen. View all 3 comments. There is nothing to meet. His second novel was My Life, the Theater, and Other Tragediesthe story of a techie hiding from life after a family tragedy.

It is most likely not targeted towards me either, probably more towards boys who are a little older than me. This has got to be my favorite assassin book based in modern times.