Camouflage is high-concept entertainment that makes for the kind of Where Camouflage rises above its swipes is in Joe Haldeman’s crisp and witty writing. Joe Haldeman’s Camouflage, a near-future SF thriller that alternates between the experiences of two different aliens who land on Earth. Near-future aliens-among-us yarn, from the author of Forever Free (), etc.

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After re-creating itself as a woman many times, it finds that it prefers to be one, though for a long time it establishes an identity as Professor Jimmy Coleridge at the University of Hawaii. Try Needle by Hal Clement. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger.


Always it seeks to better understand humanity and along the way to try to find one of its own kind or to learn of its own history the length of its life so long that it forgot its own identity in being ocean creatures. There are far better books in the science-fiction genre more deserving of the Nebula Award than this. Feb 28, Michael Valentine rated it it was ok. Lists with This Book.

We appreciate your feedback. Jun 10, boocia added hwldeman Shelves: It develops a conscience and begins to treat humans with respect and forbearance, with restraint. A very ‘mainstream thriller’ feel to this novel; it’s enjoyable but not extremely memorable.


They try to open it, but can’t. She says, “I won first prize with this recipe! It is drawn to the device and suspects it has something to do with where the creature came from.

The Rocky Mountain News wrote that Camouflage “makes fresh and original use of an old and overused plot Apr 26, Robert rated it liked it Shelves: And yet, here are these damn aliens, casually living forever and growing back severed body parts and halddman underwater and building things nobody can break and having better sex than you do as if it were just another day at the office. Sutton, who we are told is well known to be a pushover for attractive women. In the future period set inDr.


However, unbeknown to everyone, the Chameleon is also at the research site, but it’s on the hunt. Meanwhile, we learn, there are two aliens roaming the Earth, neither aware of the other but alert to the possibility that there may be another.

This was a great find! Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. Even though they keep telling themselves they have all the time in the world, most of the action is in the last couple of months, with a time line covering millions of years. Superb storytelling and a panoramic view of history recommend this novel to most sf collections.

This page was last edited on 12 Decemberat Where Camouflage rises above its swipes is in Joe Haldeman’s crisp and witty writing. Right at the point where things were threatening to get interesting again, to boot. Camouflage is a science fiction novel by American writer Joe Haldeman.

Haldeman follows the shape-shifting ‘changeling’ alien as it leaves the waters after 10 years as a shark, a transition that doesn’t go smoothly. Not that I blame him. And then it gets to the end, which is not only anticlimatic and rushed, but it has this ridiculous romance plot tacked on, and it has to be a STRAIGHT romance, all caps.

Camouflage by Joe Haldeman

On the downside, almost no character development and the sex is male wish fulfilment – but that could be said of most examples in this genre. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. SFWA president Camouf,age Davis called Haldeman “an extraordinarily talented writer, a respected teacher and mentor in our community, and a good friend.

Where the changeling’s changability is described in the context of its species’ evolution, for all we know the chameleon just alters its form by magic. To top it all off, the book, despite hovering around only pages, rushes its ending. Haldeman cannot write romance from either a queer or female perspective, and it helps sink the last third of this novel.


He is approached by elderly Admiral Jack Halliburton, who has a for-profit job for Poseidon: However, it knew it was different and sought information about its origin. But the egg-shaped item is impervious to all attempts to mess with it.

Still, it was very entertaining, though probably not really deserving of the awards it’s gotten. It spent thousands of years as other sea creatures including killer sharks and w Camouflage is another excellent, interesting, and exciting novel by Joe Haldeman.

CAMOUFLAGE by Joe Haldeman | Kirkus Reviews

Clarkesworld Magazine Issue The story is diverting enough and easy to read. Still, the first half of the book is fairly entertaining, as we get to watch the “good” alien je its way, from the s to the early s, through the intricacies of being human. They both are ge Assume that your beloved mum hands you haldema cupcake with sprinkles. A Closed and Common Orbit.

We also get short snippets of another alien who loves to kill and hurt people and travels to different war zones and catastrophes to make things worse. Meanwhile in a salvage company discovers a strange artifact that had been buried deep beneath the ocean floor. Haldeman, of course, puts his own riffs on it – basically, he brings in much more science, and much more of the military, and makes it into a love story as well.

They have specialists brought to their mansion to test it, and it learns to read, draw, play piano, and speak.