De qué hablamos cuando hablamos de amor has ratings and reviews. Sawsan said: حين نتحدث عن الحب, نتحدث عن تقلباته ونهاياته الحزينة والموجعة. De qué hablamos cuando hablamos de amor has ratings and reviews. Edward said: I’ve read five stories so far in this book of short stories a. De qué hablamos cuando hablamos de amor by Raymond Carver at AbeBooks. – ISBN – ISBN – Editorial Anagrama.

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I have no doubt he will enjoy it more than I did.

And yet they ARE definitive and terse, sharp and pointed as an arrow. Caever 21, Mariana rated it really liked it. Unable to unburden himself to anyone else, the father relates to the son in detail how he ended up breaking his marriage vows with his mother. Want to Read saving…. View all 6 comments. As well as being a master of the short story, he was an accomplished poet publishing several highly acclaimed volumes.

De qué hablamos cuando hablamos de amor by Raymond Carver (1 star ratings)

Di una noia mortale, dialoghi inverosimili che non hanno un minimo di spessore, di senso del reale e anche di senso in generale. At the end of the story, the friends are sitting in complete darkness.

One of the early ones contains the line “Booze takes a lot of effort if you’re going to do a good job with it” and one expects that to sum dee the collection, but they’re more varied than that.

Carver writes with meticulous economy, suddenly bringing a life into focus in a similar way to the paintings of Edward Hopper.

Can it be rekindled? Lists with This Book. So I was able to get through that. Click For Review Soundtrack: Capturing bliss in one word, crystallising tenderness and love at once into a precious gift and a delicate act of remembrance, Hummingbirdthe affectionate poem closing this collection, charmed me in its endearing simplicity and ended up as my favourite – reading this short poem magically transporting to the moment of receiving and later cherishing of a letter or a postcard dear, the one you keep close to you and take with you until it is ragged, almost perished, the words barely discernible anymore, a four-leaf clover in your heart for the rest of your days.


What remains is this filthy carcass of emotions that some people tag along wherever they go while some bury it in the most unwholesome style in the graveyard of their hearts.

De qué hablamos cuando hablamos de amor by Raymond Carver (4 star ratings)

John Lennon read the book and said something about not even understanding what the guy was talking about. Very minimalist slice of life stories, no main point subject, ordinary and very common. Everyone who likes this book is going to tell you that one of Carver’s strengths is his knack for understatement. Dirty Realism is the genre where this book is classified. Rejecting the more experimental fiction of the 60s and 70s, he pioneered a precisionist realism reinventing the American short story during the eighties, heading the line of so-called ‘dirty realists’ or ‘K-mart realists’.

I could hear the human noise we sat there making, not one of us moving, not even when the room went dark.

I haven’t even read the book. Best short story in this collection and why? Where does love go when it dies? So why would I want a photograph of this tragedy?

De qué hablamos cuando hablamos de amor

But I liked this one, I liked it a hell of a lot. Carver wrote about lovebut not your typical love filled with roses and butterflies. I could hear the human noise we sat there making, not one of us moving, not even when the room went dark.

The sun in the story, which is bright at the beginning and gone by the end, represents the loss of clarity and happiness as the friends grow increasingly confused about the meaning of love.

Carver’s short stories are wonderful examples, although I admit that I would have liked them twice as much if they were twice as long. I even excitedly told a friend to buy it too, as it seemed exactly like the kind of shit they’d be into a short story that is basically the plot of Superchunk’s “Driveway To Driveway”?


Comparing the two versions of these stories demonstrates that Stephen King’s assertion that “The editor is always right” is not necessarily true. While, formally, it might be really interesting, it lacks compassion. But we were all from somewhere else. Some of the characters are keen to explore these matters overtly “There was more to quf, and she was trying to get it talked out” and “We’d reached the end of something, and the thing was to find out where new to start”but others are victims of circumstance or just go, unthinkingly, with the flow.

I was, is and will always be a big fan of Short Cutsthe bold film adaptation in which filmmaker Xarver Altman relocated the Carververse to contemporary Los Angeles and whose script drew in part from four of the stories in this collection. Exploring Carver’s fiction for the first time at the age of forty-three, I feel that in many ways I’m over this.

All the terrible things that lie in wait ” I could hear my heart beating. Any book that can inspire Murakami to steal most of the line must be worth reading. People often seem to speak of “Raymond Carver’s America” when they’re trying to grasp these stories.

However, I happened to be reading it the same weekend I went to see Birdman, where there are more than references to the title of this book – it’s based on? But they all have this vibe that so clearly makes them Carver stories. Carver’s stories are short, pared down love stories, stripped of everything but the necessary words and the skeletal, frequently all too human frame upon which to hang them.