Pioneer’s CT-WR cassette deck is an excellent choice when there is a need for cassette recording and playback. The deck features dual wells, auto-reverse, . About a month ago, I was in the city looking at some hi fi shops, and looking into getting the Pioneer CT WR twin deck recorder.; Quality Hifi. Pioneer CT-WR/6 – dual cassette deck overview and full product specs on CNET.

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Be the first to review this item. South Sydney, Australia Posts: Headphones by Steve Guttenberg 9 days ago.

The time now is Anyway last night out of curiosity I decided to try some recording on it. Sonics consultant for Denon. Authorized servicer for virtually every brand on the planet at one time or another. Fluorescent Display The easy-to-read fluorescent display displays record levels, tape direction and tape counters for both decks. Pacific Stereo Sendust for brains. See any errors on this page? I banged the dents out and set it up. Obscure service subjects that don’t quite fit go in the Help and Do It Yourself subforum.

Pioneer CT-W208R/6 – dual cassette deck

I’ve only recorded once, an internet stream Format 3 and I was pleasantly surprised at the result, it produced a faithful representation of the music, which sounded pretty s208r when I played it on my home system. It records and plays very clean and Dolby C seems to work very well on this deck. Find all posts by Web Police.


I’m wanting to get this model, as the cassette chasis holders come off for easier tape head w08r. There’s more to the tiny wireless earbuds than meets the eye.

MPX filter, blank skip, one-touch edit, rewind play. Pioneer CT WR twin cassette deck. For extra convenience, use the SR system link to control this deck with your Pioneer remote control.

Pioneer Ct Wr Cassette Deck | eBay

I’m quite sure that this is the only tape deck on the market today, that will allow me to do that. Power Device Nominal Voltage. For even more convenience, insert a third cassette for play after the second one has finished.

Can someone tell me if such stupid people really do exist. In practice there is. Sorta looks like Pioneer’s last gasp in regards to dual wells. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Remote Capable Thanks to the SR link, you can control this deck with the same remote control that operates your other Pioneer equipment. I wouldn’t say it’s the best deck I’ve ever heard, but it’s a very long way from terrible. Soul Music Serious Tapehead. Headphones by Steve Guttenberg 2 days ago.

Mine came with a user manual. Mobile Accessories by Jason Cipriani 6 days ago. Tidal offers three months of music for a buck Audio by Ty Pendlebury Dec 19, Find all posts by Maxell-LN.

For more Tapeheads affiliates and links, see the Links and Resources page. Here’s an archived spec sheet on the Euro version: Factory technician for both Yamaha and JVC. Find all posts by Pacific Stereo. High-Speed Dubbing Make copies of your tapes faster than ever.


Pioneer Ct W208r Cassette Deck

Audio by Steve Guttenberg 9 days ago. Blank Skip For continuous listening, the deck skips over long spaces of silence on cassettes. Pacific Stereo store manager, service manager, Central Service lead tech, liquidator at w280r demise and owner of what’s left.

Here’s the skinny on fatter AV bandwidth. It eliminates the 19 KHz “pilot tone” that can interfere with Dolby noise reduction. I cam across this Amazon review, and really, I was rolling on the floor, when reading the third review on the bottom. Hi Mark, it’s good to see you around the board again. I bought a new one of these a while back in desperation really because I wanted a deck that did not need any attention.

I didn’t want to just take his word for it, as ultimately, his aim was just to sell me one. Hard permalloy record, ferrite erase.

All of them were nice decks to have, but my better half forced me to reduce my possessions Originally Posted by Ghitulescu. Contact Us – Tapeheads. Damn it doesn’t come with speakers? Dolby removes hiss from tape, leaving you with nothing but the sound you recorded. The benefits are lower WOW and flutter, better overall speed accuracy and greater durability.