The Sea Priestess is the title of a highly acclaimed novel, self published in by Dion Fortune. The protagonist of the story is a mild. The Sea Priestess is the highly acclaimed novel in which Dion Fortune introduces her most powerful fictional character, Vivien Le Fay Morgan- a practicing. The Sea Priestess by Dion Fortune – book cover, description, publication history.

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Desperately in love with Vivien, Wilfred Maxwell works by her side at an isolated seaside retreat, investigating these occult mysteries.

Dion Fortune

I found myself anxious and impatient to finish it near the end. The Triumph of the Moon: I read it as fiction but the author meant for it to be much more than that.

So, knowing that Fortune, unlike Dikn, was writing truth as she defined it masked as fiction, I found some of the beliefs and practices sinister and disturbing. Keep in mind that witchcraft was illegal in Great Britain until and a woman was arrested for it as late as Its author was a remarkable woman who, at a time when it was extremely difficult for a woman to gain a university degree, had not only done this but had broken into the enclosed male preserves of classical studies, studying under Sir James Frazer, author of the famous work The Golden Bough.

She was prisetess last in her element, the Friendly Girls met in the drawing room. In Irish mythology, Mag Mell is a paradise island populated by gods and goddesses, and occasionally visited by some adventurous frotune.

Sea Priestess by Dion Fortune

It goes like so: She installed her Mother in a spare room Not a review as such but my copy has handwritten annotations by Dion Fortune herself. In this case, Vivien is meant to be Morgan Le Fay but of course!

She also appears to be a reincarnation of Morgan Le Fay, of Arthurian legend. So perhaps she had to make something grand, cosmic, and sacrificial out of lovemaking, because she could not appreciate it in its natural and fkrtune right. Whether you should try this stuff at home is of course up to you! Taken as fantasy, it was fun; but then, I am not into the woman-as-goddess mysticism, as a spiritual belief system or even as a useful metaphor.

I loved him with his flaws, his temper and funny way of dealing with things endeared me to him quite a bit. At least I presume it still does and has not been made over into a fun fair or burger joint by now.

University of Chicago Press.

The site has been occupied by humans since the late Bronze Age and includes the remains of a Romano-Celtic Temple. I finally got around to reading it. Oct 28, Carolina Montague rated it really liked it Recommended to Carolina by: Oddly, Fortune did consider herself fotune be a Christian, albeit a very fogtune one, and considered both Christianity and the ancient Pagan religions of the West to be the right and proper traditions for the Anglo Saxon peoples.


The Sea Priestess – Moon Books Blog

The earlier scenes describing men who were drowned in caves as offerings to the sea goddess were disturbing enough. Her novels in particular proved an influence on later occult and modern Pagan groups such as Wicca. They make the pair well All of Fortune’s novels fall into the category of the “Literature of Ideas”, and in her case, the ideas concern the practice and rituals of Magick.

A witchcraft manual could not then be legally published for widespread consumption and even Fortune had to self publish the first printings of The Sea Priestess. It was my interest in the occult that has brought me in contact with Dion Fortune through one of her books on the Kabbala. The Western Esoteric Traditions: Our hapless protagonist, Wilfred, feels himself to be a bit of a loser. Fortune hid her magical teachings in the guise of novels. Then I knew why Morgan worshipped the sea, for it is the first of created things, and nearer to the primordial than anything else.

They spend evenings staring into fires made of particular woods that bring about visions. Talking men into killing themselves by promising them good fortune in the realms of the dead reminds me of Islamic suicide bombers who are told they will be blessed with virgins in heaven. Should you choose to read this book, I do not recommend the Kindle version pictured here published June 1st by Weiser Books.

I am the waiting Earth that calleth thee.

What that great initiate Rudolf Steiner did for the German-speaking races someone must do for those who use a Latin-root language and the Anglo-Saxon tongue. Retrieved from ” https: Even the land she lived on in Glastonbury is the same land that Morgan Le fay lived on, as she was able to awaken the land and work with and its magical properties.

In other projects Wikiquote. Also, Fortune is a female author, and therefore, respects women–something which was missing from Aleister Crowley’s Moonchild. This however, is not to say that a modern reader will find any of th This ‘novel of the occult’ by the well-known psychic Dion Fortune born Violet Firthwas initially self-published, which, I have to admit, gave me some serious doubts about its quality – but after reading it, I would have to say that her difficulty in finding a publisher was probably indeed due to its subject matter, not her ability as a literary stylist the book has stayed in print, posthumously, until the present day.


I’m so glad I picked this book up at the library bookstore. The Goat-Foot God revolves around a wealthy widower, Hugh Patson, who teams up with an esoteric bookseller to seek out the ancient Greek god Pan. In Christine Ferguson and Andrew Radford eds.

The Sea Priestess

Dec 05, Sarah rated it it was amazing. This river in the novel is call the Dick, with a certain play on words in that one part of it, the Narrow Dick, recalls the great River Naradek, of Atlantean legend, that ran past the City of the Golden Gates. I am absolutely sure that my husband would not want to take me to bed whilst imagining some crumbling old god leering over us and nodding approval. Lewis character characters charlotte bronte dialogue edgar allen poe Ellen Terry Emily Bronte Emily Dickinson exclamation points fashion frankenstein german ghost ghosts ghost story halloween Hamlet Hawthorne horror James Cain Lady Macbeth language Little Women Louisa May Alcott magic mary shelley Mary Wollstonecraft mediumship meme Muses music Nancy Drew NaNo national novel writing month Novel novels occult percy shelley poem poems poetry portraits of the living: Open Preview See a Problem?

It had the same kind of corporate being as a hive or a herd, which is not embodied, but overshadowed. By the end of the book, Wilfred and his lovely new wife, Molly who is no siren like Vivien but a very sweet and capable girl have offered themselves up to the Moon Goddess, who represents ALL goddesses. I also do have qualms about conflating all goddesses with Isis or any other single goddess as it seems to me to diminish the cultural and historical context of the myriad of goddesses around the world when people conflate those goddesses with, most typically, Isis.

They later came to believe that this experience was a result of a messenger from the Elemental Kingdoms, and it greatly influenced their developing beliefs. But I had considerable experience of practical occultism before I made its acquaintance, and I immediately recognised power of a degree and kind I had never met before, and had not the slightest doubt but that I was on the trail of the genuine tradition, despite its inadequate exposition.

Dion Ppriestess and the Inner Light.