Divide by Two by Francisco Arcellana. Words Sep 18th, 9 Pages. • Characters: 1. Narrator •*passive/lazy • – from the beginning, he showed no interest. Read story Divide by Two: Answers to Guide Questions by pursuerpassions (Sab ) with reads. questions, sabrina, answers. 1. Describe Belle as a person. •Characters: 1. Narrator •*passive/lazy • – from the beginning, he showed no interest about the issue • – he keeps on sitting on his lounging.

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Divide by two by francisco arcellana?

The Lady, she was the wife of the guy and the person whom Belle dislikes. It did not directly implied what do really happen in the end. Choose a video to embed. During dark days, faith will the sole surviving guide. Summary of divide by two by francisco arcellana? House of Nana Emilia. The accused guy made the first move after a long dead air.

You can do things that you never expected. Angeles had returned and gave each mats tothe members of his family. He did not let his emotion take over his actions. She can control her husband by just showing dominant feelings. Nata -Probably child of the narrator and Belle. What is the plot summary of The Mats by Francisco Arcellana?


At the end of the story, Belle is dragged awayforcibly. Her husband tried to calm her but it was no use. Her whole body was consumed by fury. But when the music stopped, he came back to the reality.

Out of nowhere, Belle appeared. It is a short story. Belle insisted that their neighbors should have informed them about the fence. Their conversation became more serious arcellaha intense when the music already gone. Finally, Nata, The child of Belle and the Author and the one who delivered the message to their neighbor.

He frzncisco used symbolic words to hide and at the same time to expose his ideas in an artistic manner. He gained courage to face the problem in their relationship.

Divide by Two by Francisco Arcellana

That behavior directly to describing aggressiveness. Finally, the issue about the reason why she chose the spot right up next to their.

Thus creating more complex situation. Respect people though their were your enemies.

In Authors, Poets, and Playwrights. The Belle raised another issue which is the unfair decision of their lawn.

Divide by Two by Francisco Arcellana – Doing What Matters

Her fury made her deaf. Angeles had taken his second trip in thisplace and wrote for the second time, Nana Emilia a letter. Instead they walked together along Finchshafen road. Upon the confrontation, is there any reason for them why they should walk a little farther from their house?


What was the ending of the story divide by two by francisco arcellana? Theme The story showed how destructive jealousy was. As heunfolds one mat after another, he narrated the emotions, longingsand beautiful memories they have had as a family. The story ended when the defendant pulled at her wife and dragged her bodily away.

The accused guy received it immediately. He was changing his wet clothes while they were talking. Belle wanted him to do something as soon as possible about it. After that, he sat on his lounging chair while listen to Belle.

But if jealousy wins over a lover, it might become a double-edge sword slashing not only your love at each other but also trust and everything will follow.

It came to the point that the author yelled at him. It is About how the author try to recall the flashback of his dead Victoria: The piano music threaded through the words and this made him to relax for he was so tired. Divide by Two is a short story by Francisco Arcellana.