New York Times bestselling author Kerrelyn Sparks is back with Eat Prey Love— another sensational installment in her witty and wonderful. Read “Eat Prey Love” by Kerrelyn Sparks online on Bookmate – New York Times bestselling author Kerrelyn Sparks is back with Eat Prey Love—another sensational installment in her witty and wonderful Lov Eat Pray Love. 2. Unfollow. Wanted: Bride. Must love children. Mortals need not apply. Carlos Panterra is looking for a mate, a woman who will love and care for the young orphans he’s.

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Since she was a bit on the tall side, the baby-doll top barely skimmed the top of her thighs. She only met them briefly before.

Eat Prey Love (Love at Stake Series #9)

His mother, father, twin brother, kove he holds dear is taken, sliced apart and burnt – the only way to truly kill a were-panther. Caitlin is such an upbeat heroine and I just loved her psycholinguistic talent – she can instantly learn languages she hears spoken. Carlos ingin segera pergi ke Thailand untuk mencari pasangan, seorang were-phanter wanita, bukan seorang manusia, kererlyn mencegah spesies-nya dari kepunahan. Carlos and Caitlyn were so evenly matched, not so much in strength but just as people, they balanced and completed the other in ways that I have rarely seen in the paranormal romance genre, heck the romance genre period.


In true honesty, I was feeling one of those dreaded reading slumps coming on. As for the story, it was interesting but pretty cliche. Caitlyn is stunned on so many levels since until now she does not even pry these creatures exists.

Eat Prey Love (Love at Stake, book 9) by Kerrelyn Sparks

Caitlyn and Carlos are unable to deny what they have for very long. You were practically drooling.

Eat Prey Love had action, adventure, mystery and sensuality; with old characters I loved and new intriguing characters introduced. What kind of mate? Caitlyn is Shanna’s long lost sister. Banyak sekali tokoh baru yang bermunculan di sini yang masing-masing punya buku sendiri. When Caitlyn becomes part of the paranormal agency, she is choosing to stand against her father and to work with Carlos on finding a mate for him, despite her own nearly irresistible attraction.

This was a fun read. In comes Caitlyn Whelan, Shanna’s gorgeous sister who sees right through Carlos’ disguise. Mar 02, Steph rated it really liked it Shelves: And here is where the ‘smacking me’ comes in How surprised do you think I was, when this actually turned out to be my favorite book so far? I had absolutly no high hopes for this book.

So I recommend this book!

Shanna and Caitlyn have finally reconnected and Caitlyn is going to come work for McKay Security the company that guards ppray of good vamps. I could take down a horse.


But Carlos has some secrets. Caitlyn had a hard job ahead of her- she had to prove that she was the one he loved, not some unknown were-panther female. It is incredibly rare for me to become so engrossed within a book that the pages just soar by.

This book is a lot hotter than some of the recent books I’ve been reading so I really enjoyed it. Can you guess who was behind this? But while vamps are great to look at, it is the sultry shifter Carlos Pantera who really gets Caitlin’s heart pumping and throws her libido into overdrive. I love how Sparks keeps to the storyline and romance in this series.

Carlos has lost everything.

Mass Market Monday: Eat Prey Love by Kerrelyn Sparks

And who doesnt love a ultra sexy were-panther these days? His race is on the verge of extinction and needs to find a mate, STAT!

Well, yes, Carlos had been pretty funny in the previous books, but a whole book just about him? Just when I thought the danger was ove I zoomed through this book. I absolutely loved Eat Prey Love, it was funny, very steamy and very satisfying. Kehidupan Roman dkk sudah sangat berbeda.