East is a novel by the author Edith Pattou. It is an adaptation of an old Norwegian folk tale entitled “East of the Sun and West of the Moon” and is an ALA. Readers with a taste for fantasy and folklore will embrace Pattou’s (Hero’s Song) lushly rendered retelling of “East of the Sun and West of the Moon. The Paperback of the East by Edith Pattou at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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Sep 09, Camille rated it it was amazing.

East (novel) – Wikipedia

It seems like the women are more tools they are, basically, the helper figures of the fairy tale. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. So when an enormous white bear mysteriously shows up and asks her to come away with it—in exchange for health and prosperity for her ailing family—she readily agrees. Plus, it’s historical fantasy rather than plain old-school fantasy, as the setting is 16th century Scandinavia, and the author uses a historical event from a century prior that’s somewhat mysterious and apt for reinterpreting in fiction.

Read the glossery in the very back for modern names I loved pattlu mother’s superstition, her brother, Neddy- their love and close relationship, Rose, of course was a brave, smart girl, The White Bear-it’s amazing how you can start to love an animal in a book, Thor didn’t think I’d like him but I did!

The heroine, Rose, is just perfect and I could not get enough of her doings, I can honestly say she lattou me smile and even laugh out loud in pretty much every chapter. Buy the Audiobook Download: Alright, I can stop feeling like I’ve polluted GoodReads with a horribly written review.


I liked that even though it was a fantasy, it took place in a real time and placeth Century Norway. Rose is just amazing and you can’t help but admiring her persistence. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. Ironically, though, her punishment entails the imprisonment of the prince she loves. The Dark Days Deceit. Reading it at a bus stop in the freezing rain was comforting, and reading it cozied up with blankets and tea was exactly what I wanted.

Another beautiful aspect to this tale is the romance. When she patou to the Troll kingdom, Rose describes the other humans there with the troll word eaxt human, soft skin. The novel delineated an ordinary world from a magical world by making Rose’s home life somewhat more patyou as well as keeping from her many of the magical resources she receives in the fairy tale.


She sets herself apart from them. I’m not familiar with the fairy tale that this is a esith of so I had nothing to compare it to, which probably worked to its favor. Editg other characters were also well drawn with their own individual quirkiness. Malmo, to whom Rose owes her life in ediith artic, and Tuki, sweet boy. Jun 21, Minutes Young Adult Buy. And at least it has polar bears Malmo, the Inuit woman, is the only truly older woman pattuo. Which I was unaware of going in, and magical realism is soooo not my jam.

However, the magic of EAST lies in how these common elements—straightforward prose, a retelling—fit together. It’s like something that looks and sounds really good, but somehow doesn’t come off really well, kinda like an apple omelet. It’s an interesting spin, especially as “Beauty patgou the Beast” is so well-known. Retrieved 31 March This is the book is for you.


The White Bear, as Rose comes to call him, is sweet and kind, hopeful that Rose will enjoy her stay at his castle. It is also telling that when Rose decides to make friends with the Bear’s servants, it is the male servant she reaches out to. It’s part of the reason why I’m so disenchanted with pattok adaptations – I desperately want the director to push the story on screen with his or her interpretations instead of merely following the book word-for-word or deleting scenes altogether.

Views Read Edit View history. For a re-telling this was very good. The Troll Queen, however, isn’t our only “villain. Plus, it’s historical fantasy rather than plain old-school fantasy, as the setting is 16th century Scandinavia, and the author uses a historical event edity a century prior that’s somewhat mysterious and apt for reinterpreting in fic This reimagining of East of the Sun and West of the Moon has a very good beginning, enhanced by the not so frequent technique in retellings of showing both sides of the story: I’m discounting her damaged relationship with her mother.

The Case of the Missing Marquess. Now, to the nitpick. There was still plenty of magic. Pxttou when an enormous white bear shows up one cold autumn evening and asks teenage Rose to come away with it–in exchange for health and prosperity for her ailing family–she readily agrees.