Entre las cenizas: historias de vida en tiempos de muerte. Front Cover. Marcela Turati, Daniela Rea Gómez. sur+ ediciones, – Disappeared persons – The Nieman Fellows at Harvard University have selected Marcela Turati of the “Entre las Cenizas: historias de vida en tiempo de muerte,” (“Amid the Ashes. Marcela Turati y Daniela Rea – “Entre las cenizas. Historias de vida en tiempos de muerte” (). Un libro de crónicas que busca saldar una de las deudas del .

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Download Entre las Cenizas for free here. The important thing is not to lose from sight, when we go out reporting, that there are other possible focuses, and to search for these stories and mmarcela them until we get them, because they are important for the health of journalism in general and the mental and emotional health of the readers.

All the project’s participants have worked before in documenting some of the most devastating effects of the war on drug traffickers. Many people who was losing hope asked us, what can we do, I want to do something but I don’t know where to start.

She co-founded Periodistas de a Pie Journalists on Footan outfit dedicated to training journalists to improve the quality of their journalism and to defend freedom of expression. Readers Pay for Our Investigative Journalism. For you as a co-editor and contributor of this new book, do you feel that the will to resist was the next step in telling the human side of this period of violence?

Many of us journalists heard people say, I don’t read anymore, I turn off the TV, and that’s very concerning. Because the violence hasn’t stopped and it’s getting worse. When the authors returned from reporting, we got together to workshop our texts and discuss in group.

What angles and narrative resources do you use to continue engaging the reader? She received in from the same foundation the Recognition for Excellence award.

We wanted people not feel repulsion and have the desire to read and learn about what has happened. In Fuego Cruzado Crossfire she tells the stories of victims of the war on drugs.

Lyons Award in honor of the Nieman Foundation curator who retired that year after leading the institution for gurati quarter of a century.

But we had to limit ourselves to write about what we saw without exalting or lsa credit away. What should we uncover, and cover as journalists, about our own field?

From the beginning we said we wanted to find experiences of people who had organized to demand justice for their dead, marrcela missing relatives, or to defend their territory from drug traffickers, or that help others who have it very tough, like in the case of migrants. Turati spoke recently with the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas about the challenges that came with putting together the book and seeking, as a group, for a new lens from which to cover violence in Mexico.

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If you do not investigate then you are a transcriber of the statements made by people or powerful groups, and that is not journalism. The award honors displays of conscience and integrity by individuals, groups or institutions in communications.

Subscribe to our weekly newsletter trati in the Americas”.

Entre las cenizas: historias de vida en tiempos de muerte – Google Books

We didn’t want to give the impression that it was all simple. However, I do not think that we have to only recharge ourselves with data, technology and computers.

And being able to produce 10 texts that we all liked, good in quality and that none of ceniizas came short on the narrative side, that was very complicated. Historias de Vida en Tiempos de Muerte. Turati has long sought to give voice to those who lack political power and access to the media.

Marcela Turati: Expose the Hidden Interests of Big Media Companies

It looks like a simple book but it has several tricks and secrets. Who — individuals, organizations, or movements — is making a difference right now? I’m not saying I made a mistake because it had to be done and become the uncomfortable conscience, but also, with the passing of years, so many news on the destruction generate a tremendous apathy, an armoring from the readers’ side, and we asked ourselves, how can we continue denouncing the same things without having people feel that it’s the same story they have already read?

What would you ask yourself, should you be conducting this interview — and what would you answer? It was a learning experience for us. Every journalist is an investigator. She is a standard-bearer for the journalists who have risked their lives to document the devastating wave of violence in Mexico.

Inshe and her colleagues co-founded Periodistas de a Piea journalism network created to support reporters covering issues such as poverty, civic participation and human rights. What are some positive developments in our field, journalism and the media in general? Yes, it says a lot. The use of technology to search for information with greater impact has been important.

As the war against the narcotraffickers intensified, the organization refocused to support journalists covering the conflict and to defend freedom of speech.

I told myself, ‘let’s try, let’s do this and see what comes out. She has written for newspapers and magazines in Latin America and the United States. Tag Cloud violence against journalists Venezuela elections and electoral coverage Honduras libel and defamation online and digital journalism freedom of expression USA killing of journalist Peru impunity press freedom Latin America television Colombia newspapers access to information social media censorship drug trafficking investigative journalism freedom of information Ecuador future of journalism Mexico laws and legislation attacks on journalists threats against journalists Argentina Brazil more tags.

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The Mexican organization Periodistas de a Pie launched on Dec.

Others among us sometimes got close to these experiences, became disenchanted, and said, ‘they only achieved this, this experience is too small, their method is perhaps not the best. In your previous book Fuego Cruzado “Crossfire” in Spanish netre took on as an individual author the topic of the human price of the last six years of conflict.

Everything we know that can encrypt dangerous information, or search for and process data, and technologies that can be used to [cover] sensitive issues such as human rights are advances that help us to run investigations that can ls impact; they also help […] collaborative work between reporters and experts.

Marcela Turati: Expose the Hidden Interests of Big Media Companies | MediaPowerMonitor

Those of us who participated in the book sought to make visible the people who get organized, but sometimes it’s difficult to find them. We began to question ourselves why we wrote what we wrote. The network began to train journalists in ethics, personal safety, cybernetics and how to care for their own emotional well-being — and it encouraged turato journalists to organize networks to protect themselves and create strategies to avoid censorship. Mexico has become one of the most turayi countries in the world for journalists, with more than four dozen killed or gone missing in the past six years.

The narrative part was also a goal for us, we wanted it to be very well written, with imagery, persons, scenes, not just a speech. The Press Union of Noruega gave us financing that we were able to use for the trips and to pay each one for the texts, and the photographers as well. Frustrated, I felt the need to reveal the mechanisms through which corruption operates, the different tricks that politicians create to steal money from the poor.