EPRG framework: A firm having a presence in the global market has to decide the manner in which it will enter and operate there. Firms in the international. Abstract. The aim of this paper is to present the fundamental ideas behind EPRG model. They are discussed with some illustrating examples. Moreover, some. ethnocentric polycentrism regiocentrism geocentrism ethnocentric domestic techniques and personnel are considered superior polycentrism local personnel .

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What is an EPRG Framework in International Marketing? –

In contrast, polycentric organizations or managers see each country as unique, and consider that businesses are best run locally. Understanding the global customer and competition is the first step in challenging a global competitor.

The environment of each market is considered while formulating the marketing strategy. It may homogenize the product for dramework EC. There are no changes in product specification, price and promotion measures between native market and overseas markets.

This develops an affiliated corporate culture and aids transfer core competences more easily. A Niche Marketing is a small segment of market ignored or not properly served by large players. It has to be a mainstream player in the global economy. Answer in international marketing management. A firm which plans to go international has to take a series of st A careful reader will understand that the prime motivation for global marketing is global competition.

Global marketing now takes birth.

On the incomes that they hav The way businesses and staff view the world is described as international management orientations. Global channels of distribution are established and promotional policy is developed frameeork project a uniform image of the firm, and its products. They also know that the only way to fight price was at a global level is to have a presence of a global brand in the market place. Those firms evolve strategies to globally maximize their resources.


It does not require much investment. It looks for customers in eprb markets.

International Marketing EPRG Framework

There is hardly any or minimal product adaptation for the foreign markets. A polycentric firm P is one that exports to not just one market but to several markets. Individuals have to pay tax on the following incomes: This perception mitigates the chance of cultural myopia and is often less expensive to execute when compared to ethnocentricity.

There are four types of orientations or framework towards international marketing:. There are many ma This framework addresses the way strategic decisions are made and how the relationship between epprg and its subsidiaries is shaped. Often there are major differences between countries in a region. Sign up here or sign in with. It considers local markets, local government aspirations and competition to decide its market entry and marketing strategy.

Perhaps, it may be wise today to think that the earth is flat. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. This eprv appears most appropriate when overseas sales volume is insignificant compared to the total sales of the firm.

The benefit of this mind set is that it overcomes the shortage of qualified managers in the anchoring nations by migrating them from home countries. This usually results in the maximum degree of geographic decentralization as local managers are recognized as being psychologically close to markets, environments and customers.

EPRG Framework

I am a mother of a lovely kid, and an avid fan technology, computing and management related topics. Such companies do not adapt their products to the needs and wants of other countries where they have operations.


This is the firm which is a global firm.

At some companies, the ethnocentric orientation means that opportunities outside the home country are ignored. Value chain Marketing Strategy and IT. Here, the firm researches the markets, understands customers and competition in the region and evolves competitive strategies.

The major drawback of this mind set is that it results in cultural short-sightedness and does not promote the best and brightest in a firm. Should there be a problem in product clearance or selling in the importing country, the firm may have at times no alternative other than either to get it back or destroy it there or accept other cuts in its price.

International Marketing – EPRG Framework

No systematic marketing research is conducted outside the home country, and no major modifications are made to products. Even if consumer needs or wants in international markets differ from those in the home country, those differences are ignored at headquarters. Indian firms will have to fast change their current orientation as otherwise they will be out of business. The basic assumption of this approach is that all human beings are alike.

However, this approach is not suitable for companies which are planning to extend their international operations in a big way.

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