Interprétation des essais pressiométriques. Article (PDF Available) in Revue française de génie civil · October with Reads. 3 NOTRE CHOIX: LE PRESSIOMÈTRE Nous utilisons de façon courante tous les types d’essais mentionnés ci-haut. Notre mode de vérification préféré et celui. Essai pressiométrique normal: mode opératoire -2 (Unknown language). in Modes opératoires du Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussées.

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KrizekAt rest lateral earth pressure of a consolidating clayJ ShieldsThe pressuremeter and foundation engineeringp. LuteneggerMeasurements of lateral stresses in soft clay. Wroth memorial symposium on predictive soil prewsiometriquepp.

essai pressiométrique – Translation into English – examples French | Reverso Context

BishopA large shear box for testing sands and gravelsProc. BishopThe test requirement for measuring the coefficient of earth pressure at rest.

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Translation of “essai pressiométrique” in English

GiroudTables pour le calcul des fondations HendronThe behaviour of sand in one-dimensional compression IshiharaAt rest and compaction-induced lateral earth pressures of moist soils KalmanDetermination of the coefficient sesai earth pressure at rest in situ in overconsolidated clayWorld tunnel Congress? Underground Facilities for better Environment and Safety?

KenneyDiscussion de l’pp. UzundurukanThe effect of over pressiojetrique ratio and effective stresses on the earth pressure coefficient at rest of clayed soilpp.

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Publications – Fondasol

RankkaIn situ stress conditions across clay slopes. A study comprising seven test sites.


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CharlesIn situ measurement of horizontal stress in overconsolidated clay using push-in spade-shaped pressure cellsG?? CharlesEvaluation of push-in pressure cell results in stiff clayProc.

DeresiewiczAnalysis of a compression test of a face centered cubic array of elastic spheresJourn. Q vaut kPa pgessiometrique kPap.