It sure would be nice if Freewing would consider offering an F in 80, or 90mm size. Years ago, I had an LX models 70mm version. Buy low price, high quality rc f with worldwide shipping on F Nighthawk 70mm. RC Stealth Jet Plane. orangebutton buy now copy redbutton product spares. Description; More Images; Specifications; Video.

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Blog – rcFoamFighters

The Blackbird was whole lot poane fun to fly, but I had an infinite amount of trouble from the power system. Grayson Hobby Monster Jet.

I know I’m not the only one who shares a passion for this airframe, so maybe if there is enough response to this thread, Freewing and Motion RC would consider putting one together for us? Hopefully, The awesome new Freewing F won’t need a planw, because it will have some great trailing link landing gear!

KIT indicates that all the foam pieces along with the crucial planf of aesthetic appearance are included in the package. Great for beginner to intermediate and skilled pilots of all ages. With my LX plwne, I drove it into the ground on the 5th flight due to orientation What black aircraft would be? Mar 16th, What I didn’t know at the time is that I had the elevons reversed.


Wingspan mm 28″ Overall Length Free to download, just click on the link! Give us a nice quality F! After every 5 flights and before and after storing airplane, please check all control surface horns and tighten the screws on surface horns if needed. As you can see the bird seemed to attract an attentive audience. F Nighthawk 70mm Length: Paul Petty June Description: So, I ordered the Freewing 12 bladed fan units and installed them.


Planw on the fourth flight, one of the Tc caught on fire. It would be cool to see an F EDF done right! The RC plane features a simple flat wing but with a unique diamond shape. Don’t feel bad about that that one Sky Flight Hobby 2. It ended up plowing into a chain link fence at full power. This packaging option indicates what comes included and does not mean a completely assembled item. As for the problems with black paint that will hold up and the orientation there are simple solutions.

I had the LX as well, the carcass is still in the attic awaiting fixing or final decommissioning. When I contacted BH about my problem and got the it’s out of stock as pictured I told Alex that it was to bad they don’t have Motion RC’s customer support, value for the customer and that it was a shame that they are the only company in the states selling the LX product. Check the control pushrod clevis to insure no cracks are visible and no clevis has come loose.


I Know freewing could make an excellent F!

F117 Nighthawk 70mm

It is a super agile plane and can turn on a dime, but at the same time has rock solid flight characteristics. Recommended to hobbyists with Intermediate to Advanced foam building and Flying skills. Extended Flight simulator practice and experienced pilot supervision recommended.

RC transmitter AA batteries and Li-po flight battery charger depending on the model aircraft purchased.

This plane is recommended for Intermediate to Advanced Flyers because of its flight characteristics. It is not suitable for children under 14 years of age.