FARO User Conference. Test of checkerboard targets. 6. Adapters & other . Amount of points is important: FARO sphere has less points resulting from. Where can I find or order numbered checkerboard targets? We are currently using some FARO Europe GmbH & Co. KG [email protected] Purchase 3D Faro Scan Target Sets ready for use on site for interior 3D Scanner Checkerboard Targets for use with Faro Focus 3Ds / X Scanners.

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Checkerboard Registration Targets Download for the Laser Scanner or Hand-Held Scanner

Don’t hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter! Are you interested in news about our products and events? Detection works for almost all selected resolutions. As might be expected, the visibility decreases with increasing distance. For testing the small checkerboards, we chose the following arrangement: There are no results for distances of 7.

Using the calculated normal of a checkerboard target, the software can realize a better attribution among the targets. Don’t hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter! Rent a laser scanner including training at little cost.

Technical consulting in laser scanning. In case of pivoted checkerboards, the normal changes and wouldn’t be detected anymore in Scene!!! Buy accessories in our online shop. Alternatively, you can use pivotable checkerboards, in other words the checkerboard is oriented towards the scanner small checkerboardslarge checkerboardspivoted checkerboards.


The objective was to make out how the detection of targets behaves with increasing distance to the scanner. The adjustment can be done in the default scan settings or manually for each scan placement. Are you interested in news about our products and events?

Testing of laser scanning checkerboard targets – A comparison of targets | Laserscanning Europe

If you use checkerboard targets in scan projects, please note the following explanations and hints for scanning and registration in FARO Scene:. It can be supposed that the large targets are visible even at distances of about 50 meters. The detection of small targets by means of automatic target detection works very great at a distance of 7.

That’s why you have to pay regard to the default setting of scan placement:. Detection of large targets by use of automatic target detection works great at a distance of If you use fixed checkerboard targets, please activate the box. Since the “large” target is significantly larger than the “small” one, more scanning points can be found on the large target.

How can I change the default setting of the placement of scans?

Checkerboard targets can be fixed to walls or the like magnetic checkerboardsEasyTargets. Chheckerboard way, point clouds can be merged even at medium-sized distances.


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Setup Guidelines for Checkerboard Targets with the Laser Scanner

When you update the ScanManager, you can also deactivate the box. That’s why you have to pay regard to the checkerobard setting of scan placement: That means we simply click on the target and an algorithm searches the intersection point of both black rectangles.

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The software FARO Scene checkerbpard fixed checkerboard targets EasyTargets, magnetic targets and pivotable checkerboard targets small and large checkerboards, pivoted checkerboard in different ways. The center of the checkerboard target is calculated by means of edge detection. Newsletter Are you interested in news about our products and events?

If you use pivoted checkerboard targets dheckerboard towards the scanneryou should deactivate the box “Use Checkerboard Normals” in the default setting of placement of scans in Scene Software. The better the line between black and white is identified, the better the calculated center is in the real center. Skip to main content.