The Epic Hero- Beowulf. quote. Beowulf- Tis better for a man to avenge his friends than to spend his days lamenting. from book two page 4. Summary Book one-. Dark and visceral, the graphic novel version of Beowulf created by Gareth Hinds is considered to be one of the most successful adaptations of. 1 • Beowulf Teachers’ Guide adapted and illustrated by. GARETH HINDS. HC: PB: CANDLEWICK PRESS.

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Beowulf Graphic Novel

Like the poem, the graphic novel opens with the death of Scyld Scefing. Feb 20, Gabrielle rated it it was ok. There was nothing Gareth Hinds could really do with the material except change it. The most laudable thing about this work is that it attempts to bring the hinde poem to the attention of young adults.

hinfs This slapstick addition provides a humanizing moment in the text as it portrays the indiscretion of even privileged members of the court. Through it all, he has been an artist and poet, just to provide a little stability in his life.

While the graphic novel necessarily omits certain aspects of the original poem, it is generally a good, visually rich adaptation.

However, because–as many of the other reviews here have pointed out–this version eschews most of the text, with several multi-page sections that include no text at all. Their quick disposal of the beast illustrates better than any other scene that Beowulf and his men are an exceptional bunch—an Anglo-Saxon A-Team, if you will. It is a great story simply because hinnds is the oldest and the most original story of its kind and therefore is the father to all great epic stories hindss warriors, gafeth, and ggareth.


He begins with a credit to two versions of the familiar story A. Jan 28, Kelley Ross rated it it was amazing Shelves: Almost immediately one of the warriors shoots an arrow through its head as the other men run it through with their spears.

Obviously any conversion from a genre like the novel or epic poem to a graphic novel will lose some degree of textuality, but usually that conversion involves a gain in visual detail. The book then moves to the style that relates most of the story: The art focuses on motion in garetn spots, generating a frantic elegance to the violence that the epic poem itself clumsily conveys in its various modern translations.

The text begs the question: Mar 02, Piyali rated it really liked it Shelves: And if we look further, we will see that the text itself, much like its endless adaptation across various media, is a sort of Ouroboros—one that opens and closes with striking images of death.

Bareth 03, Louise rated it really liked it Shelves: Refresh and try again. This is a portion of translations of Beowulf accompanied by art done in the comic book veign.

Each chapter begins with a brief narrative paying homage to the cadences of the story’s early verse renditionsbefore giving way to a lengthy, wordless and bloody battle. Particularly smart and well done are the fight scenes with Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the dragon.

Ninds Hinds does graphics for computer games and apparently reinvents classics as graphic novels in his spare time.


Now, I’m not dumb. I hadn’t read this since 9th grade. Told for more than a thousand years, Beowulf’s heroic saga finds a true home in this graphic-novel edition. Is this dragon creeping forward or merely a beast chasing its own tail? A graphic novel, that grown-up descendant of the comic books of my childhood, is really a small, polished storyboard, and I think any medium that presents a narrative in both text and image is going to have to take that into account.

For fantasy fans both young and old, this makes an ideal introduction to a story without which the entire fantasy genre would look very different; many scenes may be too intense for very young readers. One of the most visceral scenes in the entire text, however, is one that is easily overlooked in the original poem. Dec 07, Jesse Field rated it it was amazing Shelves: I would have killed to see Tolkien’s or Seamus Heaney’s translation used, something nice and poetic and in the spirit of the original.

Beowulf by Gareth Hinds

I thought the art captured the feel of Beowulf very well. First we’ll discuss the pallet. Hinds is able to capture the essence of Beowulf through simple, graphic panels. Grendel and his mother were suitably monstrous, and I did enjoy the dark spatters across whole panes to indicate the wanton slaughter and maiming.