o Create It – girls envision their Girltopia, look at various types of art and create a Recruit potential role models that can help girls on journey (especially good. GIRLtopia. Girl Scout Seniors know the world is not ideal. This journey is their chance to imagine a perfect world—for girls. They’re invited to create their vision . GIRLtopia is a journey to create an artistic vision of what an ideal world for girls looks like, and then move the world a step closer to that ideal through the a Take .

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Girltopia for Seniors – workshops4girls

In my Girltopia, this is something I think all girls should have access to. The gallery view below crops the pictures.

Our drawing represents that no matter where you come from, you can achieve your dreams. The Senior Visionary Award — To earn the award, girls complete 3 steps: Email Print Recent Views.

When the older girls were asked girltoipa act out the motions “like a girl” they moved slower or with less form; awkwardly.

If a girl is confident in herself, she will receive all the respect she deserves. This painting depicts a woman with gorltopia sole attention on her child. Then they’ll take action to make their vision a reality.

Senior GIRLtopia Journey Book

And then there you have it. Be the first to review this item! Everyone tells us to give up and then criticizes us if we do. Especially if those words are engraved in her brain, much like the girl represented in our poster. Because we are stronger and smarter than they believe. Email Updates Get the latest news on trips, gear, and more great offers! You have the power to mold it and shape into the ideal world.


This journey is their chance to imagine a perfect world—for girls. The fact that they are shaking hands shows equality.

It makes it seem as if it is a negative thing to be a girl. I chose a variety of different music to try and reach all different music genres.

This has a major impact on the self-esteem of young girls virltopia they go through puberty and are trying to understand and love themselves and the changes that have happened to them.

The younger girls in the video have yet to be exposed to the parts of society that change the way they see the phrase “like a girl”. And if two people do the exact same thing that would help ten people and if a third person helps it can help 15 people and so on and so forth. The second reason being if you have some small actions and lots of people that creates a big change for the world.

Senior GIRLtopia Journey Book | Casual Adventure

Additionally, in my Utopia, depicted by this picture, men and women’s equality would also bring equal pay for equal work. Journey Awards GIRLtopia invites girls to consider how the world is far from perfect for girls around the world.


Click on the photo to see the entire image. I wrote this to show people that we need to work, fight, and stand together girltopja prove to the people that hold us back, that they are wrong.

You have not viewed any products recently. Self-image is a big problem for girls of all ages, but a head-strong, independent woman can do anything she puts her mind to. Girktopia feel it is our duty to supply you with the best gear possible.

Ship To Myself Other specify Enter full name. This journey is their chance to imagine a perfect world—for girls. Senior Girl Scout Mission: But if you have other people helping you and supporting you the more people want to see it change.

I drew her in a more modern pop art style. We are not just one culture. They’re invited to create their vision as an art project-in any medium of their choice.

To the older girls, “like a girl” meant weaker, less capable.