16 quotes from Godfré Ray King: ‘The feeling activity of Life is the most unguarded point of human consciousness. It is the accumulative energy by which . The first book is entitled Unveiled Mysteries and is written by Godfré Ray King. After doing a little googling, I discovered that this is the pen. Results 1 – 28 of 28 Discover Book Depository’s huge selection of Godfre-Ray-King books online. Free delivery worldwide on over 19 million titles.

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From these Great Ascended Realms they continue to help the world by pouring down to us streams of light and love, which protect, illumine, and uplift us from our own self-created misery. This is so close to what the Tibetan Buddhists were teaching at ling monastery I have to conclude that King must have read a lot about Buddhism.

They go through and into an ancient pneumatic elevator. The Art of Listening. This drinking of magic stuff caused some sort of transformation in King, which apparently made him more open to learning. The Wisdom of a Child. It’s largely through Godfre’s books that the world first learned about Saint Germain. Thus, they gradually became serenely courageous, kind, and wisely humble at all times, regardless of whatever challenges might be facing them.

It seemed to appear from nowhere.

Views Read Edit View history. King had been kind of awesome in his past lives. Be the first to learn about new releases! Angel With A Sword. The civilization rose to its apex 70 thousand years ago. Likewise, they learned to live lives of perfect purity and to be completely above all feelings of greed, condemnation, jealousy, resentment, and anger, as well as every other kjng, self-destructive emotion, thought, desire, or activity.


Godfre Ray King

Kihg of Channeling, 3. Then, under Saint Germain’s guidance, Godfre, along with his wife, Lotus, created the Saint Germain Foundation in and began sharing with audiences throughout the United States his experiences with Saint Germain as well as with other Ascended Masters and their teachings.

The substance used in the world without—to make the forms in your picture and plan is God’s pure substance. Dangers of Channeling, 4. It is an excerpt from a rayy biography that I’m writing about my spiritual teacher, Pearl Dorris.

If he—because of his own mental inertia—will not exert the necessary effort—to reorder his age old habits—of mind and body—he goes on bound by the chains of his own forging—but if he chooses to know the God Within himself—and dares—to give that God-Self—all control of his outer activities—he will receive the knowledge once more of his Dominion over all substance—which has been his from the beginning.

Godfre Ray King | Saint Germain’s Teachings

Let naught of the outer interfere, that none of humanity may accept any thought of deception. Godfre began to understand that saints such as Bernadette of Lourdes; Prophets like Mohammed; great souls like Quan Yin also spelled: Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Baptism of the Spirit. Well, some of its denizens began to crave carnal pleasures, and lusted after gold.

Dangers gpdfre the Path.

Feel Good Stories Intro. King had been in town on some kind of government-related godfrw, and as was his habit when things got boring or he had free time, he went for a long walk in the woods. Jesus as a Man. Given the “I AM” Activity, old occult laws have been replaced including the teaching of Theosophy that, to become a Master, one would have had to ascend upon one’s death to the fifth level of Initiation.


Guy Ballard

Rag Teton, Saint Germain led King to a boulder, which he rolled away to reveal an ancient door. While I have always been in godfrre with you, when we were both in our finer bodies, your conscious effort of reaching out to some one of the Ascended Masters, [Jesus], opened the way for me to come to you in a much more tangible way, that is, tangible to your physical senses.

An ancient civilization, set in the Sahara Desert, before it was a desert. Godfre Ray King has also given Dictations through Mrs.

Godfre was deeply grateful for this divine experience.

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King is back in town, and is awakened by a dove with a card in its mouth. The discussion page may contain suggestions. They have a similar history and they were contemporaries. Dalai Lama’s 18 Rules. If I was making a religion that included Venus, it would totally be filled with dinosaurs.

Our Most Popular Articles! After the lecture and the drinking, King went back down into the town. Whale of a Rescue! But the pattern kjng this: