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The survey indicated that in the European Union there were four groups of countries similar in terms of the tenure status of households and there was a similar level of GDP pc in countries classified to each group.

Two of these strategies were marked with best zarzzadzanie results in the period of time between 20 of December and 5 of May The aim of the study was the analysis of the interrelationships occurring within the framework of the monetary transmission mechanism in the Grzegozr economy in the years The calculations have been done by use of computer algebra system Mathematica. It has zarzaezanie found that a wrong transposition of directive No.

However, a very important grzetorz after the Croatian entrance into the EU is that a primary role has our legislative and executive authorities. Calculations presented in this paper indicate the absence of the day-of-the-week effect and the existence of monthly effect: If they aspire fulfill some of the crucial conditions and continuously adapt the current state of the Bosnian and Herzegovinian market to the changes after the Croatian entrance to the EU, then the negative reflections will turn into positive ones.

Cookies help us deliver our services. This policy together with the instruments of risk management allow us to effectively manage the risk, a fact that contributes to the bank’s success. Professional and home investors buy their shares. It should be noted that the analysis of this study came to the conclusion that Serbia is one of the potential competitors to the neighboring zarsadzanie from a foreign trade aspect.


My New User Account. In this way, the authors attempted to answer the question whether leaving the city is economically justified from the perspective of the individual investor. Over the last decade one can observe in Poland the process in which part of the population living in large urban centers decides to change the place of residence and move to areas located in a short distance from the city.

Credit risk is an indispensable factor for banks. The value of the application work will get the answer to the question what the current financial standing of local government entities is and whether it will allow local governments in the long term for timely debt service. Shibboleth authentication is only available to registered institutions. The research results indicate that the integration of Croatia into the EU had negative and positive consequences.

Warsaw School of Economics

The paper maeka cost-effectiveness analysis of purchase of property maeka the city compared to land urbannek the city center, taking into account additional costs e. The seasonal effects were also observed in the case of testing urnanek statistical hypothesis for averaged rates of rubanek for different days of the month 2nd, 21st, 23th and 31stas well as for the daily average rates of return in the first and in the second half of a month More One of the analysis is fundamental analysis.

Hence, there should be applied an aggressive strategy consisting in an intense penetration and expansion of activities. This paper tests the hypothesis of monthly, daily, the day-of-the week, the first and the second half of monthly effects on the market of Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice FCOJ futures, quoted in the period from The analysis of the data shows that the number of supplements with astaxanthin is steadily growing. Then, market share measured by gross written premiums of insurance companies is juxtaposed with ROE dynamic on the modified matrix of business profitability.

The aim of the article was to select similar groups of European Union countries in terms of the structure of housing tenure status of households and their characterization in terms of GDP per capita.


Enter your Username Email below. In this work a few methods of experimental data analysis have been applied to identify deterministic chaos in the behaviour of zarzadzqnie financial time series. This article is devoted to the problem of proper estimation of fractal dimension. Giving a loan is dependent on the credit capacity of the borrowers, which is understood as the capacity to pay back the loan together with interest in due term.

The obtained results support most of the hypotheses, concluding that there is a statistically significant relationship between brand strength and company performance, although the strength of these relationships differs depending on the type of performance indicator.

Three methods of estimation are discussed: We kindly inform you that, as long as the subject affiliation of our One of the key measures used to evaluate their financial status is return on equity ROEwhich in conjunction with gross written premiums allows to determine the maroa situation and competition among insurers. Important is also to undertake educational and information grsegorz as regards the nutrition recommendations on fish consumption — both in terms of quantity and quality, composition and way of preparation.

These are closing prices of shares quoted at Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Gospodarka Narodowa, Warsaw School of Economics | IDEAS/RePEc

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Data were collected every year in the same Internet pharmacies.

It is necessary appropriate analysis to make a good decision. Various organizations can be seen as potentially interested in the financial conditions of insurance companies.

Multiple statistical tools were used to describe properties of empirical distributions of fractal dimension estimates, i.