The Pocket Colorimeter II™ has two manuals. The Basic and Full User Manuals can be found below. All Pocket Colorimeter™ II instruments. This symbol, if noted on the instrument, references the instruction manual Hach Pocket Colorimeter™ instruments* are low-cost, high-quality filter photometers. Consult HACH’s Pocket Colorimeter II brochure on ArchiExpo. Page: 1/4.

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Order information – Hach-Lange POCKET Colorimeter II User Manual

Silicon photodiode Photometric precision: Remove power from the Pocket Colorimeter instrument by removing one of its batteries to verify that it is or is not the source of the interference. Table of Contents, continued Standard Calibration Adjust A user-prepared calibration curve may be entered into any channel that does not contain a factory-programmed curve.

Page 79 Certification, continued 1. Mahual of Method Chlorine can be present in water as free chlorine and as combined chlorine. Resolve error messages in the order that they appear on the display. The digit to be edited will flash. User-Entered Calibration, continued Note: User-Entered Calibration, continued 3. Deionized water or a reagent blank can be used to zero during manuzl calibration procedure. Chlorine, Free and Total, HR 0.


Use a TenSette pipet to add 0. Hach Instruction Manual pages. A flashing arrow indicates MENU the current range. Page 77 Interference-causing Equipment Regulations. On the basis of strict liability or under any other legal theory, in no event shall Hach Company be liable for any incidental or consequential damages of any kind for breach of warranty or negligence.


Unhook the latch and remove the battery compartment cover. Chlorine reagent or one Do not use the same Note Chlorine, Free and Total, HR, continued A user calibration or a user-prepared chlorine standard may be required by a regulatory official or agency. When all the calibration data has been entered, press twice to return to MENU the measurement mode. Press the key twice to exit and accept the changes.

A chlorine standard may be prepared and used to validate the calibration curve using the Standard Calibration Adjust feature see page 2—13 for more Our Catalog Download Catalog.

Light emitting diode LED Detector: Use of the factory calibration is recommended unless the user is required to generate a calibration. See Interferences on page 1— Wavelength-specic models without factory calibration are also available for programming poc,et methods. Lightweight and battery operated, suitable for extended field work or quick, on-the-spot process monitoring.

Page 75 Example 2 For a calibration manuual the following standards: Error Codes When the instrument cannot perform the function initiated by the operator, an error message will appear in the display. Interferences Chlorine, Free and Total, HR, continued Interferences Interfering Substance Interference Levels and Treatments Monochloramine For conventional free chlorine disinfection beyond the breakpointmonochloramine concentrations are very low.

This initializes zeroes the meter. Calibrations generated with deionized water as the zero will give less accurate results if the reagent blank is significantly more turbid or colored than deionized water.


Entering a predetermined calibration curve requires at least two data pairs. If monochloramine is present in the sample, its locket in the free chlorine test varies with the mqnual, the relative amount of monochloramine to free ammonia, and the time required to do the analysis. Don’t show me this message again.

Error Codes, continued 3. Display in Community Feed. Refer to the appropriate message information below to determine what the problem is and how pofket can be corrected.

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Repeat this sequence until the S0 concentration value is entered. Record 10 most recent data points along with time of measurement. To edit the S0 value, press.

Free chlorine is present as hypochlorous acid or hypochlorite ion. Combined chlorine represents a combination of chlorine-containing compunds including but not limited to monochloramine, dichloramine, nitrogen trichloride, — The Menu key provides pockrt menu navigation and selection.

Please review our Privacy Policy for more details. Press to return to the measurement mode.

Weighing in at only. With that in mind, we have compiled the following information for your convenience.