This title is not available. Here are some other titles you might like. Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased. Harn Region Map · City of Coranan Player . Have a bit of a problem with this here supplement for Harn: Kaldor The problem is with the price. Nearly £22 for a 61 page book!? That’s insane. Kaldor is the name given to the region of the middle Kald River watershed, lying roughly between the Sorkin and Felsha Mountains of east central Hârn. The.

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Hârn Map_Google Harn

Additionally, a high concentration of Earthmaster ruins and artifacts can be found on Harn. A link to a brief advertisement is here: It is also the home for the NPC write-ups. March 28, JavaScript is currently disabled. Both provide ample opportunity to RP in a rich world crafted by a great GM. Click here kaldoe see the full list. So this is not a PBeM that will go the way of the dodo any time soon.

This website is the product kalcor a project I started in The name Harn is also applied to the entire archipelago as well as the island proper. Robert Barfield has been an amazing sounding board and has helped refine ideas as well as editing articles. Don’t be afraid to make up alternative plot lines. There is one major pub that.


The module includes a town map, castle plans and more.

Kaldor In Flames (PBeM) |

There is plenty to do in the Hundred. I approached creating the career campaign much as an author would tackle a novel. The Knights of Kaldor tdsharkey tdsharkey T I would think that this makes it even harder to track whats going on from a player standpoint, at least that is how I would forsee it. No harm in watching! Hey Everyone, I thought I’d post again 2 years later!

The Island of Harn itself is a large island, with a surface area of roughly ,00 square miles. Not all threads will fit into a campaign or suit each group. Also, its PBeM and not forum based? Details include outstanding city maps, trade and caravan information, local plans of dozens of neighborhoods and sites in the city including the Tashal underground. Elmeze is almost lost in the forest, but the manor is home to a training school for tourney knights. The Knights of Kaldor.


The king has always been sickly; his imminent death has been yearly predicted. You should check them out.

GM Notes This page contains the notes I’ve derived through the play-testing process. And you can if you’re so inclined reply also by Yahoo Mail to posts.

Harn has a mystical reputation among the rest of Kethira and mainland Lythia. Second, I wanted to explore “local campaigns”, which are adventures set in a geographically small but richly detailed setting. Looking forward to 3 December by derridean1 Exciting.

Kaldor In Flames (PBeM)

General Articles This page has articles that aren’t specifically related to hagn Knights of Kaldor but could be used in the campaign. The Knights of Kaldor website has five main areas. I thought I’d post again 2 years later!