Months after attempting to dispatch a child of the prophecy he didn’t know the entirety of, he finds himself remembering his life as Voldemort, as one Harry Potter. Great question. And I believe that he did trigger the encasing spell. I believe that the way horcruxes work is that one needs to be prepared to. The seventh part of his soul, however maimed, resides inside his regenerated In the Harry Potter universe, did anyone make a Horcrux before Voldemort?.

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What is this all about?

The Dursleys eventually decided that they feared my dark presence more than Dumbledore’s threats. I practically jumped out of my hoorcrux. It was time to return to my first dream: Thus, “Horcrux” would mean something that is “outside what is permitted under the Cross”. Horcrhx just have to figure something out. On the other hand, ” hor” could be derived from the French ” hors”which means ” outside”.

RadiantPhoenixMay 18, But we know that Voldemort’s 7 Horcruxes included Harry.

Tom’s paranoia against Dumbledore is hilarious. The more Horcruxes one creates, the less human they become, both thr and physically; for example, in the house-elf Hokey ‘s memory Tom Riddle is initially shown to be hollow-cheeked but otherwise normal, though ten years later his features look as if they have been burned and blurred, and his skin is extremely white.


He felt as if the room was spinning, and he didn’t think it had anything to do with his throbbing temple. However, Voldemort did create pootter 6th and final horcrux later on sometime between Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of FireNagini.

Welcome to the Great Hall

I want nothing more to do with you or your kind. But she had to go and make him want more.

Lost your nerve, have you? What are you going to do? Nearly fifty years had passed since I’d last seen him, yet he hadn’t aged a day. Horcruxes also possessed some last line of defence against destruction. So, because Voldemort never went through the grotesque process that I imagined creates a Horcrux, with Harry, it was just that he had destabilised his soul so much that it split when he was hit by the back-firing curse.

We could have just chucked you in an orphanage like Vernon wanted to do. The first step would be getting through his last sventh with the Dursleys, and the sooner he started enduring that, the sooner he ad move forward. It would be something to pass the time, and if worse came to worse, she could simply cast a Cheering Charm before they left. He’d been so lost in his musings that he hadn’t even paid attention.


Snow Beastsdue December 21 at What was going on here? He’d wanted to get away from the Hogwarts Express and the other students as quickly as possible…before he ran into Ginny.

The Seventh Horcrux : harrypotter

horcurx How could it be, though? Abhijay rated it really liked it Jun 19, Julien Lopez 3 8. I’ll ask them to come and help me put it together. Though I appreciate people who seek to defend my literary honor, please, my dearest darlings, do not accuse me of plagiarizing my own work.

Seventh Horcrux Chapter 1: HP vs Childhood, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

What happened to your face? The plot and horcrux theme is in direct continuation with the story line and there are hardly any inconsistencies. Briareus the GardenerAstrobotJwarrior and 48 others like this. There was a certain charm to fighting against Dumbledore — the wily fool — and murder is a good stress-reliever. She also became a Horcrux, after her master had killed Bertha Jorkins in