Circle of Meanings The strength of a great idea; strong, robust, vigorous and mature, a warrior with the power to kill and offer sacrifice; orient your will towards a. 34 — Great Power — HEXAGRAM NUMBER THIRTY-FOUR GREAT POWER. Other titles: The Power of the Great, The Symbol of Great Vigor, Persons of. Hexagrama 34 i ching pdf. The yijing or i ching, when using the wadegiles romanization system is a book from the chinese bronze age about bc and as many.

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Hence follows the idea of the power of the great. That the attributes of heaven and earth are displayed means that the power of men should be a reflection of the great power which we hexabrama impartially working in nature. That is the way to lead your life without being impaired or restricted.

Invigorate your sense of resolve because success is in sight.

There is thunder above heaven; this is Great Strength. You are confronting troublesome past experiences. The germinal nature of Te blossoms from the foundation of sincerity and benevolence.

Perseverance will bring auspiciousness. Correctness is good; regret vanishes. Wilhelm and Blofeld translate this hexagram hexabrama The Power of the Great. Go for who and what you want.

Hexagrama 34 i ching pdf

Everything found in later literature seems to indicate that these meditative schools required a strong discipline and faithful adherence to a strict regimen. While multiple translations of the original text are available, they include many archaic references and can be difficult to understand for 21st century readers. This is the “Love I-Ching” interpretation. A vigorous stroke self-realized in the sleeping seed. A goat butts against the hedge. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.


Actively pursue worthy goals. While trying to change the situation with force you lose what you were seeking.

Bringing Change to Life Each hexagram is part of a Pair that that activates the hidden paths of transformative energy through the interaction of the trigrams or Spirit Helpers, connecting phases of Inspiration and Realization. When a leader comes into a position of power, his or her personal strength usually may have already peaked. We change with ease. It is cognate with a word that means injuring and can signify: Line six, at the top of the trigram of Movement in the hexagram of Great Powerhexagrzma be expected to be dynamic in the exertion of strength.

The figure of Wang Hxagrama combines fertility, sexuality, magic, great animal strength and violence. If he recognizes his weakness and is not obstinate, hrxagrama will not compound the error.

A goat butts against a hedge and gets its horns entangled. When that happens, beware: He is like a goat butting against a hedge and getting its horns entangled.

I Ching Hexagram 34 – Da Zhuang (Great Power) | Cafe au Soul

The Power of the Great suggests the might of kings and emperors, and implies “superior” power wielded at one’s own discretion. Line three is dynamic, and bexagrama his proper place at the top of the trigram of Strength. This turns inner self-restraint into a liberating awareness of the whole. As an example, a common character repeated 34 times. Breakthrough Zong Gua underlying cause 20 Contemplation: Having strength in the toes indicates foreboding to proceed, confidence notwithstanding.


Only then will his position be secure, for he will hexagrwma only be the possessor of power, but a source of it as well. Seeking advancement through force, however, will bring misfortune. It is better to conceal your power and work quietly so you are not forced into danger, even if it appears that you are in an hexagama or Subordinate position.

A strong creative force is stirring things up.

Now you are like a young bird afraid to leave the nest. The confidence symbolized by power in the toes is soon exhausted. This site is hand-crafted with pure HTML, javascript, and a healthy dose of magic. The image of the thirty spokes converging toward the empty space of the hub is 43 used to symbolize the virtue of the ruler who attracts all creatures to his service, the virtue of Sovereign Unity that brings order to the multiplicity of things around it.

You must not force this issue because you are not in a position to do so successfully.