View full HP EliteBook p specs on CNET. HP EliteBook p – ” – Core i7 M – Windows 7 Pro bit – 4 GB RAM – GB SSD Series Specs. HP EliteBook p – ” – Core i5 M – 4 GB RAM – GB HDD overview and full product specs on CNET. temperature),3 the HP EliteBook p-series is the culmination of creative design HP EliteBook p—from its architectural form to its rich SPECIFICATIONS.

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A real steal, given the current price of precious metal? Instead of using the usual black plastic or aluminium for this series, HP has opted for a compact case which is made of aluminium but looks like platinum. Only the underside of this model is made of black plastic. The aluminium case should protect zpecs laptop very well against dust, moisture, high temperatures, jolts and falls.

HP also offers these business machines with other processors and graphics options. The case, largely made out of high-quality aluminium, is one of 8560 highlights of the laptop along with the internal hardware. It is specially designed for the epecs customer who travels elietbook lot and is particularly demanding when it comes to outdoor use.

The choice of materials makes the notebook very sturdy. The lid that houses the Even under heavy pressure, the material does not give way in the least. According to the manufacturer, the notebook will survive even heavy jolting, having been developed in line with military standards MIL-STD G. We decided to refrain from a drop test of our own, since the laptop is on loan to us from Comtech. The compact case and the aluminium surfaces are also very resistant to slecs, as well as environmental factors such as dust, heat or moisture.

The integrated keyboard is protected against spills. The weight of 2. Added to that is g for the 90 W mains adaptor. HP has included every port that you could need in a business notebook. Elitebbook spaces between the ports are rather small; if you wanted to use two fairly wide USB sticks side-by-side, they could conflict with each other.

There are two audio ports, one for use with headphones and the other for a microphone. If you then look round the corner at the back of the laptop, you will see the modem port, RS, power socket, and the DisplayPort to the far left.

Despite having so many ports, the sides of the notebook do psecs look overcrowded. The Elitebook p has several options for connecting to your local network or the internet. One is the Gigabit LAN port, which is included as standard. You can also connect via Bluetooth. An antiquated 56k modem has also been included.

HP Elitebook 8560p

Security is always an important issue for business notebooks in particular. For this reason the notebook is equipped with a fingerprint scannerwhich only grants access to the system when the correct fingerprint passes over the sensor. Further security features include hard drive encryptionpassword protection for BIOS and a Kensington security lock mechanism.


HP has kept to the bare bp here.

HP EliteBook p – ” – Core i5 M – 4 GB RAM – GB HDD Overview – CNET

Other than a few leaflets and various CDsthe notebook arrives only with its mains adaptor. HP provides a limited three-year warranty for the notebook and the battery. It is spill-resistantand its freestanding keys are comfortable to use.

There is a separate number pad next to the main keyboard. Several functions are doubled up on keys, to be accessed using the Fn key. However, the number of keys doubled up in this way is not unreasonable.

In the main keyboard, to be exact between the G, H, and B keys, there is a pointstick which can be used as a substitute for the mouse or touchpad. The integrated touchpad supports multi-touch inputs and gestures. It also has an area that can be used for two-way scrolling. HP has generously given the touchpad four buttons rather than the usual two; however, two of them actually perform the same function. Using a function key combination, the touchpad can be deactivated.

The buttons and the touchpad itself match the colour of the rest of the case. The resolution is optimal for this size screen diagonal. Higher resolutions are possible only with an external monitor. The richness of the colours on this matt display is excellent. The black level of 0. Throughout our testing, the picture appeared very well balanced to us. For a matt screen, the colours are very vibrant. This HP business notebook is also well suited to outdoor use.

The matt display produces hardly any reflections. It copes with direct sunlight much better than a glossy screen would. Websites can be read comfortably outdoors. You can even read or compose emails in the garden despite the sunlight. However, we found that watching videos was much harder than in a living room or hotel room. The vibrancy of the colours was completely lost at timesmarring our enjoyment of Jack Sparrow.

The picture is clear from almost every viewing angle on this The brightness changes and the picture starts to invert only when the angle exceeds 45 degrees. In the typical range of viewing angles, i. When the screen is tipped backwards more than 40 degrees, the colours invert. Our review model is fitted with a Core iM codename Sandy Bridge with a speed of 2. The processor was made using 32 nm technology.

It supports Turbo Boost 2. The maximum clock speed also remains stable during heavy use, as this CPU does not suffer from throttling. In our simulated stress test, which ran for minutes, the processor speed remained constant at 3. The dual-core CPU also contains a graphics card which is not called upon to work in this notebook.

The dedicated AMD graphics card can be classed as a basic mid-range card. You can read more about the graphics chip by clicking here.


In this test the HP notebook scored points. In the latest benchmarking tool PCMark 7, it scored points. The memory capacity is GB. This is not especially large, but should be enough for storing business data.

The drive is connected to the system via Serial ATA and rotates at rpm. The hard drive performance falls within the expected range.

The transfer rate was measured to be a maximum of This rate was not quite reached with CrystalDiskMark 3. If you want to use this classy HP notebook for gaming, you will have to accept some sacrifices when it comes to graphics and detail settings. All that glitters is not gold. The dedicated AMD graphics, as already mentioned, is a basic mid-range card.

HP EliteBook p Notebook PC Product Specifications | HP® Customer Support

This means that you can play even the latest games out there, as long as you scale back your demands on the graphics card by choosing a lower resolution and also lowering the details level. Otherwise you will find it very frustrating to play these games. At times the frame rates fell below 40 fps. The higher the resolution, the worse the elitebolk, and this had a big effect on our gaming enjoyment. The Elitebook has a good system for quickly moving the waste heat away from the CPU and graphics card: The fan is clearly audibleespecially in a quiet environment.

However, it always remains an unobtrusive background noise; we speccs not find it distracting at any point during our testing. Our noise measuring device gave a reading of 33 dB A in idle mode. The volume increased only slightly during DVD playback, reaching It was a different story when the notebook was under stress.

You specw always want to use a laptop on your lap from time to time. The underside of the notebook only gets warmer in the area where the CPU and GPU heat pipe is located; and we only measured 33 degrees Celsius here under stress. Here, where the waste heat is expelled, the temperature rises noticeably. Hpp the stress test we measured up to 44 degrees Celsius there, while the CPU temperature rose to more than 80 degrees. It is important for the cooling system of this Elitebook that the fan is able to psecs in enough air from underneath.

If you put the laptop on a duvet eligebook it can quickly get overheated. A flat surface is recommended. Spfcs sound during DVD playback was very stereophonic. The sound quality from the speakers is acceptable for their size. However, the mini-speakers do sound very tinny at times. There are two 3. Our various battery use scenarios show that the Elitebook p LQAW cannot last a full working day with its six-cell lithium ion battery.