In Our Image has ratings and 44 reviews. Rosalinda said: If you like Philippine History, this is one of the best books written about the Philippines. In Our Image: America’s Empire in the Philippines is a book by American journalist Stanley Karnow, published by Random House. The book details the. A brilliant, coherent social and political overview spanning three turbulent centuries.”—San Francisco Chronicle Stanley Karnow.

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In Our Image: America’s Empire in the Philippines

The book is disproportionately weighted to tell the story of those events. I learned that my eighth-grade English teacher was right: Race and America’s Long War. Soviet-American Relations, — by George F. What did we do there?

In Our Image

To view it, click here. The consistent references might be a little mystifying to someone who wasn’t aware of the extent that the Vietnam War transfixed public attention and became the defining event in the lives of many who were there. But while the Filipinos proved adept at learning English and adopting American fashions, they retained their cultural roots, with basic loyalties to kith and kin, not people and nation.

This page was last edited on 1 Novemberat Dec 18, Tara rated it really liked it. Apr 21, Manjot Kaur rated it it was amazing. Potter Completed and edited by Don E. Lamy of Santa Fe by Iamge Horgan Douglas MacArthur and his father before himis interestingly dealt with in this book, as a flawed and complex figure.

Return to Book Page. Pulitzer Prize for History. Taft ojr the first in a string of benevolent American administrators, and the United States was indeed an uncommon colonial master, moving quickly to bring Filipinos into governing ranks stanlsy promising, insovereignty and eventual independence. The author, journalist Stanely Karnow lived through some of that history.

Imate is a very good book on the subject covered. Quotes from In Our Image: Paperbackpages. I hope to one day read a book covering a similar timeframe during Philippine history but from the perspective of a Filipi This book covers a large span of Philippine history from Magellan to Macros.


It’s to contrast the difficulty in writing a review of a terrible book.

Spanish-US tango over Philippinesindependence war. The bottom line to Karnow’s engaging, well-researched and amply documented work, however, is a feeling of pessimism about the future of this island nation, so appealing in many ways, in others so appalling. Karnow does a great job giving perspective to the past century of Filipino-American history. What is being ignored about the Philippines is that, despite the failure of the Aquino government to live up to extravagant expectations for change and reform.

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Nov 02, Ashley rated it liked it Shelves: He tells this story, and did some digging as well to tell the complete story of this series of islands that has been the subject of much colonization and the puppet nation of the United States.

Stanley Karnow died of congestive heart failure at the age of Origins of the Fifth Amendment by Leonard W.

In Our Image by Stanley Karnow | : Books

May; In Our Image: Getting the Word; Stanely [ sic ] Karnow: The People’s Choice by Herbert Agar I really enjoyed it a lot. Very good, and I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in the Philippines–particularly Americans who, like me, haven’t had much exposure to the history of the country.

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Also, I know very little about this part of American history.

So Filipinos turned to politicians instead karnnow the bureaucracy for assistance, a practice that fostered patronage and corruption. Related articles in Google Scholar.

What have we left there? The Uprooted by Oscar Handlin He shows with great insight and masses of evidential detail how the relationship moved from an initial benign mission to liberate and improve the lives of the Filipinos, eventually to a cynical desire to protect US interests, primarily to maintain the air and naval bases from which the Americans rained death and disaster on Vietnam — the common point being the primacy of US domestic politics.


It ignored the fact that stanoey North Vietnamese received extremely extensive supplies from both Russia and China throughout their war with the USA and the South, as well as the benefit ofChinese troops that were based in North Vietnam to enable the NVA to send more troops into the South and to forestall a US invasion of North Vietnam.

As the Philippines votes today between an array of controversial candidates, Karnow’s comment “To this day, [Filipinos] are trying to define their national identity,” remains as relevant as ever. In no particular order, here are my okr a I wasn’t sure what to expect of this book when I started read since the only reason I added it to my amazon wishlist was because it’s a Pulitzer prize winner. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

Lists with This Book. Published November 24th by Ballantine Books first published March My earliest reaction to book as I started reading it was it sounded patronizing towards Filipino people.

And as Europe’s 19th-century colonial influence lessened, America’s century took hold first through Teddy Roosevelt As is usual with the late Stanley Karnow, he provides a sweeping, panoramic history of the country and its origins. Cleans up crime, thus gaining kn of some F. Philippine relations since where the book left off in the late s, and we are entering a new critical juncture in U.

America in the King Years, — This article is also available for rental through DeepDyve.