Summary: NEWSOUL Ana is new. For thousands of years in Range, a million souls have been reincarnated over and over, keeping their. Editorial Reviews. Review. INCARNATE has an eerie and intriguing premise and I am looking Incarnate by Jodi Meadows centers on Ana, a NewSoul or NoSoul , depending on who you ask, a girl who is a brand new soul in a population of. Incarnate by Jodi Meadows centers on Ana, a NewSoul or NoSoul, depending on who you ask, a girl who is a brand new soul in a population of reincarnated.

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Sure, I do find it highly skeptical that Ana meet’s a young, handsome boy who just so happens to be her musical idol and just so happens to be going to Heart too, but he’s the type I’ve always fallen for; sweet, knows how to hold his ground, in-touch with his emotional side but not to the point that he’s a nwesoul.

Even though I love the reincarnation concept used by Jodi Meadows, it still weirds me out a bit. Not only does she have to learn to trust and love others and herselfbut she has to find a way to forgive the very society who spurns her. To me, there were elements of the story that made it feel like YA Fantasy, where the people are perpetually incarnated into a world where dragons, centaurs, griffins, and sylph fire are trying to kill them.

Do not let the blurb fool you. At some point she hears him leaving the house and she’s all, “Oh, Sam is sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night.


INCARNATE | Jodi Meadows

The main character makes Katniss in Mockingjay never forget seem like a pillar of strength. Only A Breath Apart. Obviously Ana and Sam. He answers all of icnarnate questions, including those about Janan and attempts to explain the soul joining ceremony that they witness. Ana, of course, decides to go with Sam to Heart since it gets her back on the track of finding out who she is, but the Council running incarnats city tells her that no, lessons are in order.

These souls live their lives as a man or even a woman. I don’t care what she’s gone through.

Newsoul Series

The story follows Ana, a newsoul born into a world where every soul has been reincarnated for thousands of years. It is exciting and engaging, heartrending and swoony, and everything at once without feeling like one of those cluttered, everything but the kitchen sink plots.

In a world where for thousands of years people have reincarnate over and over again, she is the only one new — the only one without a past, without memories, without friends from past lives. For whatever reason, this seemed awkward to me. A god of this world is mentioned occasionally but once again, to no real impact.

The last few chapters of this book were breathtaking that you will be compelled to read and bite you nails off. Instead a new soul is born. View all 69 comments. On top of that, the changing genders issue also seemed kind of weird to me. Incarnate is the quest of Ana to find the answers behind her incarnae.

In actuality, there are SO many interesting things you could do with this society. I wanted my questions answered. I don’t know how he attracts Ana.

Incarnate (Newsoul / Incarnate, book 1) by Jodi Meadows

Does this make the romance any bit better? This is one of those times.


The main characters, however, were not annoying but they are plain and monotonous. Mystery after mystery flows inside these pages. Her body is then possessed by a wandering spirit Typically I need time to feel comfortable with the narrator’s voice and get my bearings within the story’s world–but not so with Incarnate. They kill me all the time! Quotes have been pulled from an ARC and may be subject to change.

This book is about a world where, when someone dies their souls are reincarnated into another body. What happened to the other soul? One day, she sets out to discover why.

Grab one here and link to YABC! Isn’t that a comcept worth exploring? Newsouul of the book revolves around their relationship. I mean, if the Weasley Twins can do it, why can’t the original Dark Lord do it? What if the same couple had been together for ten lifetimes but in the next, one just isn’t attracted at ALL to the other.

The people write journals to document their life which is set in the library to keep safe where anyone can read it. I would feel weird giving it stars. When dragons and sylph attack the city, is Ana to blame?

View all 44 comments. He was kind and compassionate with her. It felt new to my mind and it newsoull a unique story, the conflict was very intense and had me squirming.