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I didn’t have feelings for Kurt when we talked.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Their hands fit perfectly together, sparks flying up both arms. Gleeky Gossip, a glee fanfic. Completed in June Word Count: Blaine and Kurt meet in college when they share a dorm room klaihe. He had no clue why Blaine did what he did, but he couldn’t have time to think. Once Upon A Dream by lady-divine-writes.

King Of All Wild Things: Like Chewing On Pearls:. Blaine sang lead, flawlessly.


Burt took a deep breath and looked at his son. He gripped Blaine’s hand tighter, as they walked through the crowd. You are the Sesame to my Street, the congestion to my Brooklyn Bridge, the waiting list to my serendipity, the Bloom to my Berg.

This is the story of their first ten days together. Until he hears rumors that his new house is haunted, soon Blaine is thrown into a life of fear, violence, romance and love.

Klaine fanfiction

They could really nail something if they set their minds to it. This is an AU. Sweet, innocent, beautiful Kurt standing in front of him laying his heart out on the line for his pet bird that passed. Hummel’s a freak in fanfitcion sheets. He took a deep breath and walked slowly into the room.

Most of the straight couples get to kiss in EVERY klains episode, so why can’t they show at least the same respect to Kurt and Blaines relationship? We all together and raising money. Fanfictiion Than Words, pt. A Night Like Any Other:. Kurt was sitting in warblers practice pretending to listen to Wes as he talked about one of the songs they were thinking of doing for their performance at school. It was my idea in the first place.

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Klaine fanfiction | Pearltrees

Kurt moaned and tugged the pillow over his head. He turned kllaine set out to find his Kurt. Kurt and Blaine messing around in the Room of Requirement; magical first time sex at Hogwarts. Kurt took a deep breath and closed his eyes before stepping out of his spot.

Lessons in Being a Man: That is, until he meets one Blaine Anderson.

Klaine FanFiction

But Kurt Hummel wanted this role. Klaine AU Glee – Rated: When Kurt was nine, his mom, an organ donor, died. They arrived at the school where Regionals was going to be held, and Kurt suddenly found himself freaking out. Click and Press Send a.