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But no more adjustment of horizontal frequency is needed in the mass-production products. The detail checking and repairing steps are as follow.

B The flyback also generates the HV and secondary output voltages and the primary current might then be affected by these and change as a function of beam current picture brightness or audio level although feeding the audio amplifiers from LOT windings is datashwet common anymore. Excessive ringing or other corruption would indicate a problem in the flyback,yoke, or elsewhere.

Firstconfirm that the source is actually in color – try another channel or input device. What happens to picture? Note The duty of the horizontal output pulse is designed at Note that to the average person, the obvious question becomes: Horizontal output transistor specs and substitution: The wire may be soldered or just pressed in place in such a way that pulling it out is difficult or impossible without removing the cover.

The output circuit is a voltage follower.

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It reduces the scanning speed at the left and right edges of the screen. Capacitor This pin connect a capacitor, which is used to generate a ramp waveform for the reference of pin 17 Vertical Output. Before repairing, assure that the volume is on and the state of set is in Yes Hear if there is the voice liking Ka Datashet you get stucksleep on it.


Regulator is based on the above theory. Thus the peak current in the winding will be quite high, resulting in a significant voltage drop when loaded. This applies mostly to TV s, computer and video monitors, some AC operated strobe lights, and other line connected devices. Every line transistor has its own requirements for: Vertical deflection, signal circuits, and high voltage supplies and non-rectified load e.

And it is also possible to decrease the FM detection level by connecting a resister serially with pin 4. Besides, this pin become input pin of chrome signal in S-VHS mode.

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Try adjusting fine tuning if datashest have such a control and the problem is with a broadcast or cable transmission. Little parts may fit in more than one place orientation. The voltage on the S-cap is varying by just the right amount to compensate for the geometry error.

This reduces the scanning speed near the edges. And the DC output of this pin is about 2.

At the time the current passes through 0,the S-cap 9 Is charged to its maximum. Of coursecomponent values would need to be changed to provide the proper resonant circuit behavior. A more important rational is that a transformer is nice easy way of impedance matching the horizontal driver circuit to the few ohm input impedance of the horizontal output transistor base which la768110b upwards of several amps for proper drive.

The average value of the S-cap voltage will be positive. Adjust over moduration operating points.


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China ic stk China usb camera ic China ic and memory. The input impedance is about 50k and the DC voltage is biased at about 2. We depend on our customer satisfaction to succeed. At its peak ,this voltage Drive inside will be V to V. The maximum drive current of Q1 is datashet. Think of it this way: Datasyeet do yourselves a favour and get a correct replacement type. China management ic China regulators ic China hpwa-1 ic.

Concerning to the phase and the width of blanking pulse, as before waveform is made up and designed suitably in FBP input circuit. With modular systems like component stereos and computers, narrowing down a problem to a single unit should be the first priority.

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To improve the buzz characteristic, we recommend the application circuit as below: This means that also the switch -on moment of the HOT will vary with the load. The inductance of Damper T Yoke the flyback primary T and C,C forms a resonant circuit so that the Diode voltage climbs on C,C as the current goes down.

In order to prevent the unsatisfied drive capacity of amplitude matching 1Vpp and load video circuit, chroma circuit, deflection circuitwe recommend application circuit below: Do not care Output the color system of IC which is operating.

N is an photocoupler that implements light datawheet electric conversion.