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The reading may be tedious from the modern point of view as the main theme is not so succinctly presented, and it takes some time before the reader can get into the mood of the sutra itself.

It is this “perfected” knowledge whereby sutga are enabled to see really into the nature of existence, to perceive rightly what is meant by Svabhava, and to declare that there is no Svabhava as is imagined by the ignorant and that all is empty sunya.

Studies in the Lankavatara Sutra

The Buddhas together with the sons of the Buddha and the wise men, accepting the offerings, discoursed on the Truth lankavatarra is the state of consciousness realised in the inmost self. And is this not the teaching of the Lankavatara Sutrawhich in its English garb now lies before his friend as well as all other readers? Plurality of objects is not real from the point of view of relativity as well as from the point of view of Suchness.

The one significant Mahayana thought, however, which is not expressly touched upon in the Sutra lankaavtara that of Parinamana.

He must recognise and accept the fact that this triple world is manifested and imagined as real only under the influence of habit-energy that has been accumulated since the beginningless past by reason of memory, false-imagination, false-reasoning, and attachments to the multiplicities of objects and reactions in close relationship and in conformity to ideas of body-property-and-abode.

Those 13 [Buddha]-lands were seen with the Leaders. To begin with Vijnana. Those who see things otherwise walk in discrimination; as they depend on discrimination, they cling to dualism. As a translator and writer on Buddhism and Eastern philosophy, he greatly helped to popularize Japanese Zen in the West. Parinamana means to turn one’s merit over to somebody else so as to expedite the latter’s attainment of Nirvana.

How can we leap over the abyss and reach the other shore? Emitting rays of light from the tuft of suzjki between the eyebrows, from the ribs, from the loins, from the Srivatsa 1 on the breast, and from every pore of the skin, —emitting rays of light which shone flaming like the fire taking place at the end of a kalpa, like a luminous rainbow, like the rising sun, blazing brilliantly, gloriously—which were observed from the sky by Sakra, Brahma, and the guardians of the world, the one who sat on the peak [of Lanka] vying with Mount Sumeru laughed the loudest laugh.


Ask me, sons of the Victorious, and Mahamati, you ask and I will instruct you in self-realisation. At that moment, the Blessed One recognising that the Lord of Lanka is to attain the Anutpattikadharmakshanti showed his glorious compassion for the ten-headed one by making himself visible once more lnakavatara the mountain-peak studded with many jewels and lan,avatara in a net-work of jewels.

The theory of Upaya skilful means is also the lankaavtara of Manomayakaya, will-body. Names are then thought real and discrimination is carried on. With this in view, he is always inspiring the Bodhisattvas with his sovereign power prabhava and sustaining adhishthana them in their efforts to bring enlightenment in the whole triple world.

This is technically known as the working of Skilful Means upayakausalya. The oneness of the Vijnana is grasped variously according to the evolution of an objective world; thus there are seen things inferior, superior, and middling, things defiled and free from defilement, things good and bad.

Then the Blessed One beholding again this great assembly with his wisdom-eye, which is not the human eye, laughed loudly and most vigorously like the lion-king. John rated it it was amazing Aug 25, Wherefore is the state of imagelessness, the gradations, and whence are the sons of the Victorious? This realisation is also a kind of knowledge though different from what is generally known by this name.

Be the first to ask a question about The Lankavatara Sutra. But as I have already given up many pages to it and as the reader who wishes to know more about the Sutra may go to my Studies in the LankavataraI will say just a few words about the position of this Sutra among the general Mahayana Buddhist texts. Huayan Tiantai Pure Land Buddhism.

Further, the Meat-eating chapter also suffered certain modifications, especially in the Wei one. In the same way the Buddha is conceived by beings; in the same way his teaching is interpreted by them; that is, each one recognises the Buddha and his teaching according to his disposition asayaunderstanding cittaprejudice anusayapropensity adhimuktiand zutra gati. The sutra as we have it now contains many sutras which may be considered independent though they no doubt belong to the same class of literature.


It goes without saying that these have helped immensely lankaavatara present translator. Because discrimination is of the self, of soul, of personality. This will become clearer later on. Hence the doctrine of Mind-only cittamatraor the Alaya-only.


This kind of knowledge does not help us to have an insight into the depths of being. As the result, the world in which we now find ourselves living ceases to be what it is in itself; for it is one we have constructed according to our own ignorance and discrimination. The Manas is a double-headed monster, the one face looks towards the Alaya and the other towards the Vijnanas. The best way of reading the Lankaas I said in my Studiesis to cut the whole text into as many pieces sjzuki as the sense allows and to regard each piece as completely expressing one chief thought in the philosophy of Mahayana Buddhism.

Adrien rated it it was amazing Mar 27, They are not organised in themselves and have no theory for their existence and Doings. It’s incredibly dense and not easy going, but fascinating stuff. Paravritti in another sense, therefore, is purification visuddhi. All things are to be comprehended by transcending the Citta, Manas, and Vijnana as is done by thee.

Excellent translation of an unexpectedly incredible sutra.

The Lankavatara Sutra by D.T. Suzuki

By us existence is always divided into pairs of conception, thesis and antithesis, that is, being and non-being, permanent and impermanent, Nirvana and Samsara, birth and death, creating and created, this and that, Me and not-Me, ad libitum. They do not discriminate, nor are they discriminated. When it is used in the general sense it means “mind”, “mentation”, “ideas”, including the activities of Manas and Manovijnana, and also of the Vijnanas; while specifically it is a synonym of Alayavijnana in its relative aspects, and distinguishable from all the rest of the mental faculties.

As he looks down at stra fellow-beings inexplicably tormented with their greed lankavqtara ignorance and egotism, he is disturbed, for he feels an inextinguishable feeling of love stirring within himself—the feeling now perfectly purified of all the defilements of selfishness, which embraces the whole world in pity though not attached to it.

While there is no doubt about its being a later addition, seeing what a complete piece of narrative it forms by itself, and again seeing that the rest of the text makes no further reference to Ravana, the trend of the discourse as presented by the Buddha shows that it is closely related to the Sutra, especially when it emphasises at the end the importance of self-realisation against the inanity or futility of the verbal teaching ordinarily given out by a master.