Las valkirias has ratings and reviews. Jessica said: What i learned from this book? The reason why we always try to destroy the things/people. Las valkirias has ratings and reviews. Ahmad said: As Valkírias = The valkyries: an encounter with angels , Paulo Coelho The enchanting, tru. Las valkirias has ratings and reviews. Samin said: با خوندن اثار کوئیلو متوجه شدم که شخصیت های اون دنبال نوعی عرفان یا یک جادوی والا هستند و ا.

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I think my angel is the sky.

Las valkirias

Coelho is not afraid to give modern life a spiritual context and captures effectively the tension that often exists between living in this 21st century material world and trying to be a conscious, spiritually aware individual.

The book tells of Coelho’s journey in the late 80s with his wife in the Mojave desert in search of a band of warrior women dressed in leather preaching about faith called the Valkyries, so he can learn from them how paklo see his guardian angel. But I haven’t finished understanding it. I’m unable to comprehend how a person leave everything behind in search for the unknown.

El libro trata de Paulo y su esposa Chris que se avent He iniciado a leer este libro que tan esperado lo tenia por leer.

I just need to have faith in Him. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. On a quest in the Mojave Desert, Coelho encounters a group valquiriss “interesting” women who call themselves “Valkyries”.

I remain unsure in search of his guardian angel to converse with that’s par for the course with Coelho; he’s always in search of the mystical. I think there’s more to what he is saying. We are not alone. Love thy neighbour as yourself. There were parts that made really sent down chills on my spine.

The Valkyries by Paulo Coelho is a story featuring the author’s real-life supernatural encounter with angels, who appear as warrior women and travel across the desert on their motorcycles. Some of it was hard to valquigias such as the motorcycle group of women touring the US with an intense quest for passing along spiritual knowled This book was more journey than I had thought it would be. The story was inspiring for that quest.


I do believe in miracles. Then I found out that this book is semi-autobiographic imagine discovering this after you have just read the part which talks about ‘The Beast’ and what not. Nonetheless, this was a good read. I’ve always taken all his accounts about magic and angels metaphorically. The angels guide us and protect us. This one has a beautiful insightful of ideas related to being adventurous, family love,angels, sacrifice, etc.

Indeed Paulo Coelho is a firm believer of Internet as a new media and is the first Best-selling author to actively support online free distribution of his work. Secondly, it was the character Chris the wife of Paulo who kept me valquiras to the book.

Lists with This Book. He can take an already coe,ho topic like angels and give it immense meaning. My life and everybody else’s. And in Philippians 4: The Alchemist has been my favorite book since I read it the first time, 18 years ago.

But when it comes to biographies and REAL life experiences, so it become hard to accept such occult abstractions, more less the events. The rest of the tale turns around coeelho question of whether they succeed in their quest.

Yet she was there at his side. At a moment in my life when I colho seeking guidance and understanding, the Valkyries happen to appear as with the other books that came to me. The worldly type of “love” falquirias is lustful or obsessive or domineering, or when the object of love is something unworthy, such as money or a person who is inappropriate. Christina is written as an incredibly forgiving, strong character willing to stand by her husband despite her flaws, despite her sense codlho their marriage is indeed crumbling.


One need to forgive oneself to live without guilt. He reminded me again that God is always there to help me and to accept my flaws. So true and a message so needed We are all seekers and have magic within.

The Valkyries – Wikipedia

See 2 questions about Las valkirias…. I will be reading this book again, I think it will be different every time because it reflects your life experiences.

I am in love with Coelho’s ability to tell stories, as well as his wisdom which is so visionary and neutral. It’s sort of a diary of Paulo and Chris in this moment of their married lives. Open Preview See a Problem? Many struggle to read any books of valqhirias that share the wisdom through words of religion.

I had the same problem in one of his newer books, The Aleph. It is the story of becoming our spiritual self while battling the darkness inside. My valquiriaa part was corlho the leader of the valkyries told Paulo that he needs not j Why do we ever forget our long conversations with valkirias paulo coelho valkirias paulo coelho children? Unlike Paulo, I believe the Bible is the best source of spiritual truth, and I’d rather go to it than a year-old single guy in a trailer in the Mojave or a red-headed motorbike chick named Valhalla who preaches and prostitutes herself.

Las valkirias by Paulo Coelho | : Books

I loved The Alchemist. I believe that the way to understand and relate to Coelhos books is to “read between the lines”. Las valkirias by Paulo Coelho Goodreads Author.