Free Pascal / Lazarus: SQLite Database Tutorials: Reports with LazReport. Free Pascal Lazarus Project – Sync’ed with Lazarus SubVersion trunk every 15 minutes – alrieckert/lazarus. jesus LazReport, two additional export filters – TfrImageExportFilter, TfrH tutorials/stringgrid ยท LazReport, added stringgrid/variables tutorial from German.

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Note the extra set of square brackets around the calculation.

We added a second band of the type “Master data”. Let’s insert a master tutorail band. To calculate the total for values of each page added to the total on the previous page, follow these steps:.

SQLite Database Tutorial: Report generator

Highlighting is very useful for emphasizing data. On the Other tab, you can fill out some report metadata, as is done on tutorjal screenshot below: Double-clicking on the frReport icon brings up the report designer.

You may notice the appearance of a small After closing the variables editor, we’re back in our report designer.

Until LazReport documentation is elaborated, this Wiki page will be used as a documentation container; maybe in the future the missing documentation could be generated from here. Var Par1Par2: Users are welcomed to add topics that they feel need to be documented. Click on the button Variables in order to define some variables. Add a Test category, and a test1 variable the same way we did earlier with a space before the variable name:.

ChangePrinter indPrinter. DesignReport ; end. An export filter is a specially designed class which is registered in LazReport and allows you to save the report using one or more formats. This special text export filter produces Comma Separated Value output actually any character can be used as separatorit differs from its ancestor in that it doesn’t try to create text layout representation of graphical report, instead, for each record output it tries to guess the fields order from the source report, it then produce a list of fields using a separator defined by the user.


In the first line the title of the report should be indicated. In the report designer, we started by adding a “Report title” band. By default, Lazarus DBImage is more flexible and stores the file extension before the image data, allowing different file formats to be used. Choose desired margins, number of columns, and the space between them, layout order etc. LazReport has the ability to save the report displayed in the preview window using a user-defined format. Close the report editor and save the report definition with the same name, lazreporttutorial.

This shows you can perform calculations with fields coming from the data source.

By default highlighter is a simple bold on white background. In the variable editor, let’s set a format. Currently it defines only one additional property. This can also be done manually by including the export filter unit name in the Uses clause of the unit where TfrReport is used. If not, please do so. All ExportFilter clases share this event and the developer has to type-cast the sender argument to the desired export filter class, for example:.

To differentiate the two, the variables start with a space. Now let’s write the code required to load and view or edit lazrepor report.

Here is the highlighting for all hire dates later than It’s a bit long, but if needed, you can create a descendant of TfrReport with an easier printing method or classcreate a PrintReport Report: This page started as a translation of the Portuguese language Tutorial de LazReport which itself appears to be a translation from a French document.


You need to define your functions following the following template in the file FR. This export filter tries to make a text representation of a graphical report by fitting the original graphical coordinates into a more coarse grid where each unit is of “UsedFont” pixels, depending on the value of UsedFont value, the exported output may more or less represent the layout of objects in graphical report.

Strings [ FNo ] ; end ; Val: You can specify a condition that determines when highlighting is applied. You’ll need to create a new application with a main form Form1. Beside the properties inherited from its ancestor classes it defines some properties to customize the generated output. Now add some test data – the example here uses jpg files – into the PHOTO field with your favourite database tool. You may have noticed a small number of objects in the object bar to the left of the report surface.

Other formatting options are present on the button bar below the menu e. It uses a visual report designer to create so-called “banded” reports.

LazReport Documentation – Free Pascal wiki

If you don’t see the field, you may need to set the form’s SQLQuery to inactive and active again to refresh the list of columns. Now we will add several fields in the one rectangle.

Retrieved from ” http: They let you e. The text editor will show up. Tutoroal generator Lazarus provides LazReporta report generatorfor adding reporting capabilities to applications. Thtorial do this, open the report editor and select the File menu and the Variable List. Personal tools Create account Log in.