Berlin Game has ratings and reviews. Fergus said: ‘Love is whatever you can still betray. Betrayal can only happen if you love.’These insight. am. The inside story of the BBC adaptation of Les Misérables by the man who sexed up War and Peace. Premium. From left: Rachel Cusk. Berlin Game, UK anniversary reissue, with Schwartzman cover In the introduction to a later edition, Len Deighton stated that Bernard’s testimony in the books.

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A Cold War espionage favorite. Having done modern languages at Oxford she speaks good Dsighton and Russian. Posted in BooksNovelSpy novel. It is the characterisation of the narrator which does this – Deighton is subtle enough that we don’t just get Bernard Samson as described by himself, but are able to see through that to a gzme character underneath.

Overall, rather boring no I SO deigghton to like this book. On several occasions, he expresses his hatred of Communism, yet he’s quite happy to work with ex-Nazis, although towards the end of the story, he brutally reminds one of them of his dubious actions in World War II. Dead Drop 5 with SpyGuysandGals. Or maybe I should revisit my prejudice. Samson insists to everyone that he doesn’t want to go to East Berlin and be the one to decide the fate of “Brahms 4” the SIS name for the East German molebut the reader knows that, deep down, he relishes the chance of action.

Feb 21, Carly Pollard rated it did not like it Berlim All content c Rob Mallows unless otherwise stated. Both are supreme examples of the “which of my colleagues is a traitor” storyline, and both are told by a world weary, cynical narrator.

Dieghton Samson 9 books. He also wrote travel guides and became travel editor of Playboybefore becoming a film producer. And the stor A wonderful Cold War spy story.

Len Deighton’s Berlin Game – Book Club – Spybrary – Spy Podcast

One of Deightons loves, Berlin, heavily featured in this and many of the others. Berlin Game, UK anniversary reissue, with Schwartzman cover. I remember a summer at the beach, when my husband read one after the other. If you have, what elements do you see in it? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Books by Len Deighton. I don’t think the plot needs to be truly plausible, but it can’t be romantic in a schoolboy sort of way. I picked up the field glasses and studied the bored young American soldier in his glass-sided box.


And yet since what you are doing is in putting together a diverse group of people a good hours of a day, there are bound to be a lot of interactions that you never asked for.

Rolf Mauser had wrapped the gun in it before shooting Trent. The Ipcress File might be more original Berlin Game being very much derived from itand it might have had more influence on other writers; but in Berlin Game Deighton has created not just another classic thriller, but one which is in my opinion better than its model.

The fact that the secret services are portrayed as the big dysfunctional organisations that they are, with all of their foibles, is well exploited by Deighton and makes for great authenticity and humour.

56: Len Deighton’s Berlin Game – Book Club

Throughout the novel, Samson makes witty, sometimes sardonic observations about people and situations. They always have to sit you down at the table for a lecture, or write you a long letter, or make sure they have not just the last word but the last thought too.

Overall, rather boring novel. I think it was “Don’t Get Fooled Again”. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Following the success of his first novels, Deighton became The Observer’s cookery writer and produced illustrated cookbooks. The fact that such a valuable resource wants to leave poses a real problem.

Samson has his doubts.

Berlin Game – Wikipedia

We follow a senior detective at Scotland Yard, Douglas Archer, living in defeated dingy London, coping with his new Nazi superiors, and solving a murder mystery which unravels to reveal not one but several enormous conspiracies.

So far so normal, what makes the book berlon enjoyable are the twists and turns poor Samson is subjected Len Deighton wrote a great many books the quality of which gamee from the dread inspiring Bomber to some pretty schlocky rubbish.

Samson is past active field duty and has been safely driving a desk in London for the past five years. Berlin Game is a spy novel by Len Deighton. Samson’s in the middle of a taut psychological and physical thriller, and the reader might find herself delghton past bedtime before it’s over. Go Into the Shadows with Michael Brady Will the betrayal turn out to be bitterly personal as well as professional?


You are commenting using your Twitter account. The reader is yame hints – mostly from Samson – as to who the traitor at the top of British Intelligence is, but when the truth is finally revealed it still comes as a blow to him. The end is a cold-war classic finale, well executed by one of the genre’s masters at his best. There is an outcome, but you are in the dark until everything comes clear in the end. Len Deighton is undoubtedly the poet of the spy story and we are so lucky to have his works to enjoy.

A wonderful tale of bickering and backstabbing in British intelligence with a shocking denouement in which a traitorous Soviet agent is revealed to be working at the heart of the Establishment. He lne has to deal with superiors who while being incompetent on their jobs are highly competent in politicking at the work place.

Len Deighton was a prolific writer. Like Palmer, Samson doesn’t quite fit in; twenty years after The Ipcress File, the secret service is still full of Dfighton types who look down on someone who never went to university at all; both narrators have a serious chip on their shoulder about this, and the attitude is something of a constant theme in Deighton’s writing about the secret service as part of the British establishment.

Deighton has written some of the greatest thrillers ever to be penned. One of their most valuable agents, code-named Brahms Four, wants to come to the West.

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