The Progress of Insight: (Visuddhiñana-katha), by The Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw, translated from the Pali with Notes by Nyanaponika Thera (; 33pp . Instructions to Insight meditation. Mahasi Sayadaw. (The following is a talk by the Ven. Mahasi Sayadaw Agga Maha Pandita U Sobhana given to his disciples. Mahasi Sayadaw of Burma (now Myanmar). Meditation Method: Vipassana meditation is in the tradition of the late Ven. Mahasi Sayadaw of.

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Both of them were accomplished yogis. Thoughts or other mental functions, such as intentions, ideas, imaginings, are likely to occur between each mental note of rising and falling. They are thus of the utmost importance for those who are going to be meditation teachers.

Mahasi Sayadaw Instructions

From sotapanna hood, he continued to meditate sagadaw reached sakadagami hood that is, the condition of the once-returner or one who has attained the second stage on the pathanagami hood that is, the state of the non-returner or one who has attained the third stage on the path and arahat ship that is, the condition of the noble one who has attained the last stage on the path. He subsequently published a book in France about his experiences and the satipatthana vipassana method.

Not so with feeble invalids, who do so slowly and gently.

It is by such weakened attention that mind-defiling passions breed and multiply. Archived from the original on Wilson, JeffMindful America: If so, make such thoughts the subject of your contemplation; anticipating, or mhaasi. It is not, however, imposed as an obligatory technique upon any yogi who comes and practices meditation at any of the Mahasi yeikthas meditation centers. With the continued development of contemplation the time will come when you can overcome them and they will cease altogether.

Shin Sobhana knew where his heart lay and unhesitatingly chose the first course. Within a few years of the establishment of the Sasana Yeiktha at Rangoon, similar meditation centres were inaugurated in many parts of zayadaw country with Mahasi-trained members of the Sangha as meditation teachers.

As he relishes the food and swallows it, as the food goes down his throat, he should note all these happenings.

Mahasi Sayadaw’s Biography

Bymany meditation centres had been established and the number of Mahasi meditators exceeded a hundred thousand. After he returned as a Buddhist monk to Indonesia, the Buddha Sasana Council received a request to send a Burmese Buddhist monk to promote missionary work in Indonesia.


The monks were given Theravada ordination, while the laywoman received the vows of a Buddhist nun. A unique feature of this Council was the redaction not only of the Pali Canon canonical texts but also of the atthakathas sauadaw and tikas sub-commentaries. You should make the change at the same time as noting the movements involved.

Six years later, he was initiated into the monastic Order as a novice samanera under the same teacher and mahaai the name of Shin Sobhana which means Auspicious.

Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand Nepal, India The first two of mzhasi tours were in preparation for the Sixth Council, but were likewise used for preaching and teaching. He was one of the Final Editors of the canonical texts, which were recited and thereby approved, in the sessions of the council. Inthe Center occupies and area of The yogi in question was a young Chinese Buddhist teacher from Indonesia by the name of Bung An who had become interested in this kind of Buddhist meditation.

In Mayduring one of his sojourns at Seikkhun, the Sayadaw completed a new nissaya translation of the Mahasatipatthana Sutta.

Particular mention should be made of Anagarika Shri Munindra of Buddha Gaya in India, who became an anterasika close disciple of Mahasi Sayadaw, spending several years with the Sayadaw learning mahaai Buddhist scriptures and practising satipatthana vipassana insight meditation. Proceed carefully, without slackening. Maahasi these auspicious and fruitful activities in the interests of initiating, promoting and strengthening the Buddhist movements in Indonesia and Sri Lanka asyadaw, Mahasi Sayadaw’s missions to these countries may well be described as ” Dhamma-vijaya ” victory of the Dhamma journeys.

This saying is most relevant in meditational effort.

Mahasi Sayadaw

Among the first meditators from abroad was former British Rear-Admiral E. He also made acts of devotion at many famous sites of Buddhist pilgrimage, such as Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura and Kandy. If the beginner in meditation thinks that four hours’ sleep is not enough for aayadaw, he may extend it to five or six hours.

To reiterate, you must be constantly mahxsi either with the basic exercise or with mindful attention throughout the day and during those night hours when you are not asleep. When you bring down the hand, bringing. This is coupled to reflection on the Buddhist teachings on causalitygaining insight into dukkhaanattaand anicca.


All the movements involved in the process of eliminating this sensation should be noted, especially the touching, pulling and pushing, and scratching movements, with an eventual reversion to noting the rising and falling of the abdomen.

Sobhana next went to the city of Mandalay, noted for its pre-eminence in Buddhist learning, to pursue advanced study of the scriptures under Sayadaws well-known for their learning. A unique feature of this Council was the editing of the commentaries Atthakatha and sub-commentaries tikasas well as the canonical texts.

Mahasi Sayadaw – Wikipedia

Then make a mental note of mwhasi for the upward movement, falling for the downward movement. But first, the desire to do so should be noted. Suppose some person comes into your view. Rajendra Prasad and vice-president Dr. Even when it is getting late and time for sleep, the yogi should not go to sleep yet, dropping his noting.

Within four years Ven. That is why patience is needed in meditation. Ashin Sobhana next went to the city of Mandalay, noted for its pre-eminence in Buddhist learning, to pursue advanced study of the scriptures under Sayadaws well-known for their learning. When straightening the neck, straightening.

With thirteen other Theravada monks, Mahasi Sayadaw undertook such primary missionary activities as consecrating simas ordination boundariesordaining bhikkhus, initiating novices and giving discourses, particularly talks on vipassana meditation.

The production of this nissaya translation was an exceptional performance on the part of Mahasi Sayadaw. If you sincerely desire to develop contemplation and attain insight in this your present life, you must give up worldly thoughts and actions during the training.

Six years later, aged 12, he was initiated into sayasaw Theravada monastic Order as a novice monk samanera under the same teacher and given the name of Sobhana. Mauasi was his wish to promote the inner strength of Buddhism in Myanmar by setting up a meditation centre to be guided by a meditation teacher of proven virtue and ability.